Scope and Channel 4

This mini-case study shows how Scope, working with MediaCom, commissioned Channel 4 to help address the issue of awkwardness around disability and challenge viewers to explore their own attitudes through a series of short-form videos.

Ending the awkward

Research found two-thirds of people feel awkward about disability or are uncomfortable talking and interacting with disabled people. Many people – both disabled and non-disabled said that getting to know each other and more education about disability would help end this awkwardness. 

MediaCom and Scope understood that video content could be a powerful way of engaging and informing the target audience of 18–30-year-olds. Channel 4’s association with disability and diversity made it the perfect partner. ‘What Not To Do’, a series of Channel 4 ‘Shorts’, was developed to tackle attitudes to disability by shining a light on the awkwardness many people feel around disabled people.

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Using humour to amplify the issue

Each of the six episodes saw Scope ambassador Alex Brooker react to different scenarios – a blind date, a job interview, at the hairdressers… via hidden camera set-ups exploring awkwardness around disability. Using humour, Scope created content people wanted to watch and helped viewers feel more confident about including disabled people in their lives – the first step in ending the awkwardness.

The bespoke content lived exclusively on All 4 for 30 days before becoming available via Scope’s social channels and website. To date the series has generated over 350,000 views across All 4 and on Scope’s own platforms. C4 research using a panel of All 4 viewers indicated that the series has made a significant impact in terms of attitudes and behaviour with 71% saying that they would talk about the content and issues raised with friends and family.

This exciting series shows our real intent to collaborate with clients and agencies. Scope were a great client to work with and we worked closely with MediaCom and 2LE.

Sarah Honeyball, Channel 4

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