The blind leading the partially sighted

Jat Sahota, Head of Pharmacy & Healthcare at Sainsbury’s; Rob Ramsey, Partnership Leader from Channel 4; and Kuba Wieczorek, Business Director at 4 Creative invited us to peer inside the workings of their award-winning campaign. How did they go about it, from pitch to podium, and what lessons can be applied to other partnerships? All is revealed here…

This session was filmed at Thinkbox’s Closer to Content 2014 event, which looked at partnerships in action and how to get the best out of them.

The film reveals a very honest and forthright group of speakers talking about the partners’ incredibly successful, award-laden collaboration ‘Sainsbury’s for the Paralympics’ and how every party worked closely together to ensure the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. What is most striking is how unafraid they were to change direction and react to events, and it’s amazing to learn that as recently as 2010, in the run up to the event, only 14% of people could name a Paralympian. Post Paralympics, many are household names.

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