Gumtree and Big Brother

In 2015 Katie Price was not the only winner on Celebrity Big Brother. Gumtree had an incredible result when it sponsored the show, earning a media value worth five times its investment.

Using Big Brother to reach lots of mothers

Gumtree’s target audience was mums. As the principal buyer in the household, mums recognise a great deal when they see one and are happy to buy quality goods second-hand, or clear out pre-loved items to make some spending money. Gumtree wanted to showcase both the range of goods available on Gumtree and how easy it is to use the site in order to secure them as advocates.

the7stars identified Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother as the ideal way to reach mums and get them talking. Aligning Gumtree with the show offered scale, perfect targeting and a consistent presence.

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A three-pronged approach

The campaign began with bespoke teaser TV ads before the show began – to get viewers posting goods on Gumtree for Big Brother himself to bid on in order to furnish the house during the series. Through the sponsorship, Gumtree had full ownership of the entire programme including the main show, CBB’s ‘Bit on the Side’, online takeovers, social media integration, exclusive eviction night competitions, co-branded content, and use of CBB IP on Gumtree-owned assets. Following the live final of the series, Gumtree users had the chance to buy key items from the famous house, including the iconic dining room table where all the drama took place, with proceeds going to Crisis UK.

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The partnership drove 16 million visitors to Gumtree

With over 21 million viewers, this was the most successful CBB so far and resulted in a total media value of five times Gumtree’s investment.

The pre- and post-show sale through Gumtree saw almost 50,000 items listed for Big Brother to choose from to furnish the house, almost 400,000 views and 17,000 replies for the 41 items sold off from the set. The integrated sponsorship created a 14% increase in new visitors to the site and an 8% daily uplift on returning visits, which has been sustained since the show. 71% of CBB viewers thought the sponsorship stood out and the majority felt that it had increased their awareness and interest in Gumtree.

The integrated sponsorship drove a sustained increase in new visitors to the site as well as improvements in brand awareness and brand consideration with active, lapsed and non-users. 

Hannah Wilson, Gumtree Head of Marketing

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