Cadbury and ITV

Mini case study: with the objective of re-affirming that Cadbury makes Christmas more joyful than any other brand, PHD’s strategy was to tap into those special Christmas moments with ITV.

Moments of irrepressible joy

Cadbury’s position as the number one chocolate brand at Christmas was under threat. To help tackle this they embarked on a creative collaboration with ITV. They created co-branded films featuring ITV talent, with stars such as Fearne Cotton, Philip Schofield, Keith Lemon and Christine Bleakley playing charades, pulling crackers and generally having festive fun. These ads generated interest and talkability as well as providing plenty of content to be amplified across the campaign in PR and social media activity.

Content partnerships cadbury itv 2

The power of mental availability

While many other brands pulled people’s heartstrings at Christmas, Cadbury kept them entertained and the approach helped ensure that they were top of mind for the whole festive season.

As a result of this, they experienced a 5.8% sales growth, cut-through increased by 12% year on year and purchase intent grew by 37%.

Cadbury had taken an entirely new approach to content creation during the most high-profile and business-critical time of the year. And it worked. The key message, “Cadbury makes Christmas even more joyful”, hit home with an uplift of 59% and the campaign further consolidated Cadbury as the number 1 brand for Christmas chocolate.

This was a unique strategy pulling together spot, sponsorship, multiplatform and talent to create multiple layers that made sure Cadbury was at the heart of Christmas on ITV with their ‘unwrap joy’ campaign. 

Bhavit Chandrani , ITV, Controller of Sponsorship Sales

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