What is advanced TV?

Advanced TV advertising is the umbrella term for the multitude of technological and data-driven business solutions now available via the TV broadcasters. These new capabilities are making TV more flexible and more available to businesses of all sizes.

The best of both worlds

Advanced TV is an exciting and evolving landscape which offers advertisers a host of premium advertising opportunities around trusted, quality content. It brings together the best of the internet – dynamic, one-to-one ad delivery and access to huge volumes of first-party data – with the best of TV – a high-quality, scalable, and brand-safe environment.

There are two main ways to access advanced TV advertising: via the broadcasters’ video on demand services and, specifically, with AdSmart from Sky.

Broadcaster video on demand (BVOD)

BVOD is when you watch something on catch-up, when and where you want too. It is a mass medium, with millions of highly engaged viewers watching their choice of programmes exactly when it suits them creating the optimal conditions for ad effectiveness.

Unrivalled scale
According to the latest IPA Touchpoints data, some 17 million people use one of the broadcaster VOD players to watch their favourite shows at least once a week. Among 16-34s, broadcaster VOD accounts for 20% of all their TV viewing, which equates to just under 3 hours of viewing time per week per person.

Building reach
From an advertising perspective, advanced TV solutions combined with linear TV offers brands cost effective reach. TV’s reach is undiminished when you embrace total TV.

BVOD is vital for reaching lighter audiences too as people who watch less linear TV tend to watch more BVOD and vice versa.


A premium environment
Advertising in BVOD is a guaranteed means of reaching people who you know are watching the content that is most valuable to them. Why else would they be going out of their way to watch that specific show?

Put simply, there is no better environment for dynamic ad delivery than the options offered by advanced TV. 

Rich first-party data
Most broadcaster platforms require users to log in and register their names, gender, age, postcode and email before watching content on their players. ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 respectively have 32 million, 24 million and 5.5. million registered users. Sky’s contract with its subscribers is a valuable, detailed, and direct customer data source. Find out more about the broadcaster players here.

AdSmart from Sky

Alongside BVOD, AdSmart from Sky is the other fully established and scalable means of accessing advanced advertising opportunities within the high-quality TV environment.

AdSmart works by downloading ads onto individual households’ Sky, and now also Virgin Media set top boxes. This makes it possible to replace ads running within linear TV with targeted ads specifically addressed to a given household.

  • It is the only addressable platform that can deliver ads in the live linear broadcast feed.
  • You can choose your audience based on a range of household attributes, based on location or a range of fixed segments available.
  • Ability to build fast cover and achieve strong reach.
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