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TV Masters: our new online training course

TV Masters is our free and comprehensive online training course, developed in collaboration with broadcasters, advertisers and agencies to help build TV advertising knowledge and expertise across the marketing and advertising industry.

The origins of TV Masters are twofold: a desire to expand our acclaimed TV training to meet the demands of a wider audience, and the concerns of industry leaders that there is a creeping knowledge gap about TV; that how TV is digitally transforming is being overlooked and incredible opportunities for brands – and careers – are being missed as a consequence.

The course launched in Autumn 2020 and has already seen over 13,000 people sign up to master the transforming world of TV advertising.

TV Masters is split into nine video modules, covering the length and breadth of the TV advertising landscape:

  1. All about viewing
  2. All about ads
  3. The principles of effectiveness
  4. Unlocking effectiveness
  5. The strategic use of TV
  6. TV buying
  7. TV planning
  8. TV partnerships
  9. Advanced TV advertising

Each module has a test at the end to help solidify your learning. Plus, for those who want to enhance their achievement and add a Distinction to their TV Masters certificate, there’s an optional final exam at the very end of the course. 

You can join TV Masters at three different parts of the year, as we run Winter, Summer and Autumn courses.

TV Masters is also fully CPD certified and IPA CPH hours eligible, and completely free.

You can find out when the next course starts and anything else you might want to know about TV Masters at the website.



Audience profiles

Headline facts and figures for the key TV buying audiences, from their universe size to the average number of ads they view per day.


How to test TV advertising

Find out how to run a TV test to minimise risk with your first TV campaign.


5. Measure results and review

Once your ad has aired, find out how to evaluate the TV delivery and measure business results