What environment should your TV ad be in?

Part of the planning process is determining which channels give you access to the right programmes and, ultimately, are most effective at reaching your audience.

With 600 or more channels available in the UK, the breadth of programming content provides a wealth of opportunities for advertisers. This enormous diversity, ranging from broad appeal to the very specific, enables marketers to reach both mass and niche audiences.

In order to meet your communication objectives efficiently, it is essential that the right mix of channels is bought.

There are three measures that are used to describe a channel’s profile:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Class

These can be compared to either the population as a whole, or the overall profile of commercial TV.

To determine which channels most effectively reach your target audience, we advise speaking to your media agency or to the TV Sales Houses direct if you have not appointed a media agency. 

There are also various industry tools available to help you understand which channels most effectively reach your target audience.

You can see all of the different channels available to advertisers in the UK, the Sales House which represents them, and their contact numbers, here.

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