Intro to planning and buying TV

This section will give you an overview of what sort of things you should consider when planning and buying a TV campaign. Follow the links through for more detail. 

A huge amount of detail needs to be considered when planning a TV campaign, but the answers to the following questions form the basis of thinking behind any TV campaign, regardless of size.

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WHAT are you looking to do?

Are you looking to reposition a brand? Change behaviour? Generate a response?

WHO are we trying to reach?

Who are your target audience and what are their lifestyles and media habits? How do these translate into TV buying audiences?

WHAT are the planning objectives?

How many people need to see the advert and how many times do they need to see it to it to create the desired business effects? E.g. change perceptions, visit the website, get a quote, consider purchasing, or buy the product in-store.

WHAT environment should our ad be in?

E.g. which channels and programmes should the ad appear in?

WHAT are our regional planning options?

Is it a national campaign or a regional campaign?

WHEN should we advertise?

When is the best time, day, week or month to speak to your target audience to ensure the best possible results?

How much it will cost?

How will my TV ad work with other media?

A TV campaign is usually part of a wider communications strategy, comprising of other media. So not only is it important to have an understanding of all the media channels available and their individual roles within the marketing mix, but it is also extremely important to try and understand how all the different media channels interlink and work together.

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