Planning and Buying TV

Get up to speed on what to consider when planning and buying a TV advertising campaign.


Intro to planning and buying TV

Read this section to get an idea of what sort of things you should consider when planning and buying a TV campaign.


What are your objectives for TV?

TV advertising can help you achieve a whole range of objectives: take a look at some of the possibilities.

How do I target tv

How do I target on TV?

Here you can find out more about the analysis and tools required to effectively reach your target audience on TV.

coverage and frequency objectives

Coverage and frequency objectives

Coverage and frequency: what they are and why they matter when you’re busy putting together your TV plan.


How should you phase your TV campaign?

Flighting and laydown strategies set out how TVRs are deployed across the year and the weight of ratings you buy.

What environment should your tv ad be in

What environment should your TV ad be in?

Part of the TV planning process is determining which channels and programmes are most effective at reaching your target audience.


Regional TV planning options

Here is the top line on how audiences can be targeted on a regional basis across the major TV sales houses.


When should you be advertising?

TV advertising can focus on a particular hours, days or months, depending on the product or service and the viewing habits of the target audience.


How much does TV advertising cost?

This section will help you understand what budget you need to get started on TV and what affects its price.


TV and other media

How TV works in conjunction with other media channels