Getting on TV

Every year, hundreds of brands try TV for the first time. Explore this section for all the information you need to started, hints and tips, and read case studies from brands that have enjoyed success.


TV advertising is for everyone

Whatever your type of business, find out how TV is both affordable and cost effective for brands of all shapes and sizes


How TV generates business growth

TV’s ability to drive reach, engender trust, forge emotional connections and build famous brands help businesses reach the next level


Making an affordable TV ad

Dispel the myths of producing a TV ad and learn the tips and tricks of great TV advertising on smaller budgets


TV ads explained

Learn about the length of ads, how to buy airtime, the best positions of your ad in a break, and how to make sure your ad is cleared for TV


Different ways to use TV

Find out the different ways you can reach your audience using TV beyond standard spots, from sponsorship, product placement, branded content and more


Cost of TV advertising

This section looks at how TV is traded, what impacts the overall price and some other considerations that will influence the cost of your TV advertising


New to TV Training

Thinkbox’s free training workshops are designed to give you a really good grounding in the essentials of today’s TV and what the medium can do for advertisers – SIGN UP HERE


TV channels and sales house contacts

Overview of which TV channels carry advertising in the UK, who sells them, plus some useful contact numbers.