Just Volkswagen

VW and its ad agency DDB have worked together for over 40 years. It's a unique relationship, not just for its longevity but also for its consistency. Whether it's Paula Hamilton throwing her jewels down the drain; a Jack Russell singing "I'm a man", or Gene Kelly doing a bit of break dancing in the rain, we've all got our favourites. So here's a "Just VW" gallery for you, to pique the memory and cast a spotlight on just a few compelling and effective TV ads from an extraordinary canon of work. Congratulations to both VW and DDB and thanks for all the great telly

Compromises – Volkswagen

There’s a Volkswagen for all of us – Volkswagen

Baby – Volkswagen

Dad – Volkswagen Polo
DDB London

Everyday – Volkswagen Golf
DDB London 

Lampost– Volkswagen Polo

Changes – Volkswagen

Protection – Volkswagen Polo

Confidence – Volkswagen Polo

Singing in the Rain – Volkswagen Golf GTi

Snowplough – Volkswagen Beetle

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