Honda’s greatest hits

If you were asked to put together your top ten best ever TV ads, the chances are there would be at least one Honda ad in there somewhere, which is why we thought we’d put together a gallery for you of a selection of classic Honda commercials aired between 2004 and 2015. Cog, Grrrr, Jump and ads like The Impossible Dream create meaning by telling stories in an emotionally compelling way, and leave you thinking “how did they do that?” and muttering things like “utterly brilliant”; which of course, they are. Our thanks and congratulations go to all at Honda and Wieden + Kennedy for consistently producing stunning, innovative and effective advertising.

The Great Untried
Wieden & Kennedy London 

Wieden & Kennedy London 

Keep Up
Wieden & Kennedy London 

Wieden & Kennedy London 

Wieden & Kennedy London 

The Impossible Dream
Wieden & Kennedy London 

Wieden & Kennedy London 

Wieden & Kennedy London 

The Unpredictable Life
Wieden & Kennedy London 

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As we’re in celebratory mood, we thought you might like to see a list of all the Thinkboxes winners since the awards began in 2008: the cream of the crop, if you like. But which brilliant ads have earned your votes over the years?


Rising to the remit: C4’s “Super.Human.” wins gold for TV creativity

4Creative win the July/August awards to promote Channel 4’s Paralympics coverage.


Welcome back: Guinness raises the creative bar

AMV BBDO and Guinness win the May/June 2021 Thinkboxes with their 'Welcome back' TV ad