Just Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s advertising is so iconic that made it into the finale of Mad Men, luring Don Draper from meditating with hippies at a retreat back to McCann-Erickson to create the famous “Hilltop” advert. For many too, the arrival of a Christmas Coke ad is also a signal that the festive season has begun.

Big brands advertiser on TV and TV advertising is at the heart of why Coca-Cola is one of Britain’s biggest brands. The outstanding commercials in this gallery help to explain why. 

You’ve Got the Love
Ogilvy & Mather

David the Agency (Buenos Aires)

125th Anniversary
McCann Erickson (Madrid)

Wieden + Kennedy

Happiness Factory
Wieden + Kennedy

Organ Player
Director: Dougal WIlson

I Wish

Holidays are Coming

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

McCann Erickson

I Am the Future of the World

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