Brilliant football ads

When it comes to social media, TV is the original; people love to watch, discuss and enjoy TV together. This shared viewing aspect to TV – whether it’s a long running soap, a cult show or a piece of event TV - is one of its greatest assets as an advertising medium. And of course on-screen football is greatly shared: huge numbers of people gather together in homes and pubs in front of the telly and experience high emotions at the same time. This communal experience, on a grand scale, is of course a fantastic opportunity for a wide range of brands. For consumers, part of the appeal of big football events is the fact that advertisers pull out all the stops. And over the years we’ve seen some really brilliant footie ads.

Whether it's a bearded Rooney re-writing his future; the Brazil team’s infectious airport samba or a couple of kids from the barrio picking teams of superstars, we've all got a favourite. Here’s a collection of ads that focuses on silky skills. 

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