Bohemian Rhapsody wins creatives' votes in the latest Thinkboxes

The winning commercial by adam&eveDDB is the biggest collaboration to date between the John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners brands and is part of a strategy to promote the businesses’ unique partnership model. It sits within a wider campaign under the over-arching theme, "For us, it’s personal", reflecting Partners' attitude to going the extra mile for customers.

"Of all the scripts we saw, we really felt ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ brought to life the magic you create when you bring people together who really care about something," said Craig Inglis, John Lewis & Partners' customer director.

TV was an obvious choice for the message. "We are committed to the Partnership model and what it means for our customers," said Waitrose & Partners’ customer director Martin George, "so what better way to underline this than through a platform that delivers on the power and scale of storytelling behind it?"

In the commercial, a group of school children come together with their teacher to create the best school play - recreating the iconic Queen hit "Bohemian Rhapsody", with a climactic guitar solo and a giant silver rocket.

"We wanted to show that interesting things happen when people feel part of something and work together to create something magical," said Tim Vance, co-creative director at adam&eveDDB. "TV will always be a fantastically compelling medium that allows a story to be shared at scale at a specific moment in time."

The ad was directed by Dougal Wilson at Blink Productions and it was Wilson who took the ad to another level, said adam&eveDDB co-creative director Paul Knott. "At the heart of this film are touches of real humanity. Nobody brings this out better than Dougal."

  • Creative agency: adam&eveDDB
  • Creative team: Richard Brim, Tim Vance, Paul Knott
  • Client: Emma Wood
  • Production company: Blink Productions
  • Director: Dougal Wilson

Other ads on the Podium

Amazon "Vikings"

A much-put-upon fan of the Vikings series on Amazon starts off in timid fashion – she’s pushed aside in coffee shop queues and is treated as a dumping ground for mountains of paperwork in the office. But we watch her becoming increasingly assertive as she watches more and more of the box set – and begins emulating the show’s warrior queen. By the time she gets to the finale, she’s intimidating male colleagues in the canteen, proving that "Great shows stay with you."

  • Creative agency: Droga5 London
  • Creative team: David Kolbusz, Dave Wigglesworth, Frazer Price, Ed Redgrave, Teddy Souter
  • Client: Amazon
  • Production company: Somesuch & Co
  • Director: Steve Rogers

The Department for Education "Every Lesson Shapes a Life"

The brief here was to ensure that teaching as a career remains attractive and at the forefront of people’s minds, at a time when workplace competition for graduates has intensified. The agency responded with a deftly-edited montage following a girl, Abi, from her first day at school right through to her final exams. Featuring real teachers, it not only shows the ups and downs of school life, it underscores the definitive – and fulfilling – role that teachers play in shaping young people’s lives."

  • Creative agency: Havas London
  • Creative team: Ben Mooge, Lynsey Atkin, Wil Maxey, Elliott White
  • Client: Chloe Saklow
  • Production company: Pulse Films
  • Director: thirtytwo

Dolmio "Battle of Dinnertime"

Dinnertime can be a bit of a battleground, a notion that Dolmio explores to the full in a spot featuring the massed ranks of parents and their offspring facing each other as armies in the field. It all threatens to get rather ugly (or silly for that matter). But hostilities end when the green Dolmio flag is raised – and adults and children are more than happy to sit down together, end the drama, and tuck into big bowls of Dolmio spag bol.

  • Creative agency: AMV BBDO
  • Creative team: Diccon Driver, Alan Wilson, Michael Jones, Polina Zabrodskaya
  • Client: Ian Nundy
  • Production company: Stink
  • Director: Keith McCarthy

Three "Phone history #PhonesAreGood"

Over the past few months, there’s been a drip-feed of media stories about people becoming addicted to their mobiles. So Three decided to explore the notion that a tech-free life might be better, presented here in a quickfire series of comedy sketches. In every instance, smart phone users manage to save the day. Verdict? Case dismissed. And anyway, how else could you buy new shoes while sitting on the toilet? (Three, it adds, by the way, is the best network for data.).

  • Creative agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
  • Creative team: Hollie Walker, Tom Bender, Tom Corcoran
  • Client: Lauren Fisher
  • Production company: Friend London
  • Director: Ian Pons Jewell

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