Grey brings Thinkboxes Award home to 32 Windsor Gardens for Marks & Spencer

This is Marks & Spencer's first film tie-up. M&S brand and marketing director Rob Weston said the decision was taken on the basis that there were shared values between the two brands - and that the storytelling and production values would be of the highest standard.

The ad is set on Christmas Eve at Windsor Gardens when Paddington is asleep. His dreams of marmalade are interrupted by a loud thud on the roof. Upon investigation, he stumbles upon a burglar and despite the burglar’s protests that he is "not Santa", the determined and good-natured bear begins to "help" him deliver the presents back to where they belong.  Seeing the good in everyone, Paddington innocently helps the burglar see the error of his ways, as they place presents into personalised stockings and pause for mince pies, he unknowingly averts a crisis and ensures a truly special moment for neighbour Alice, and a happy Christmas for all.

  • Agency: Grey
  • Creatives: Vicki Maguire, Henrik Ridderheim, Jonathan Marlow, Sam Daly, Rob Greaves
  • Client: Ira Dubinsky
  • Production Company: Rattling Stick
  • Director: Daniel Kleinman

Other ads on the Podium

Amazon “Give”

The brief here was to celebrate the epic journeys Amazon packages make all over the world – and the way they bring a smile to people’s faces. To a backing track of Supertramp’s 1977 hit, Give a Little Bit, we follow a spur-of-the-moment gift ordered from the Amazon Christmas store. The package makes its way through Amazon’s high-tech warehouse and then out via an aircraft into a delivery chain, taking it in next-to-no-time to the house of an excited little girl.

  • Creative Agency: Lucky Generals
  • Client: Simon Morris
  • Production Company: SomeSuch
  • Director: Nick Gordon

John Lewis "Moz The Monster"

A little boy called Joe imagines there’s a monster living under his bed. Joe’s scared at first but they soon make friends – and they begin staying up half the night larking about. Which is nice, but Joe’s not getting enough sleep and he’s tired all day. Happily though, on Christmas morning he gets an interesting present, crudely wrapped as if by a ham-fisted monster. It’s the perfect gift – a starry sky nightlight that will help Joe get the sleep he needs.

  • Creative agency: adam&eve/DDB
  • Creative team: Rick Brim, Patrick McClelland, Feargal Ballance
  • Client: Sarah Coleman
  • Production company: Partizan
  • Director: Michel Gondry

McDonald’s “#ReindeerReady”

McDonald’s pre-Christmas mission was to make us #ReindeerReady by sharing the story of a girl, out and about with her dad on Christmas Eve, who saves one of her McDonald’s carrot sticks to take home with her. She plans to leave it out for Santa’s reindeer – but there’s consternation when she get home and finds out that just one carrot won’t be enough to feed Santa’s whole team. So Dad drives her to the nearest McDonald’s for more supplies.

  • Creative agency: Leo Burnett London
  • Creative team: Pete Hayes, Daniel Evans, Mark Franklin, Rob Tenconi
  • Client: Emily Somers
  • Production company: Outsider
  • Director: James Rouse

Sainsbury’s “Every Bit of Christmas”

Sainsbury’s helped us build up to Christmas with a montage, shot as if on smartphone video, of members of the great British public (plus the odd celeb and Kermit), giving their all in karaoke-style renditions of a tell-it-like-it-is festive song. It celebrates the season in all its frustrations, absurdities and naff traditions as well as its obvious joys – and the food is the best of it, even the sprouts. As the endline says – "every bit of Christmas is living well."

  • Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
  • Creative team: Scott Dungate, Sophie Bodoh, Mico Toledo, Juan Sevilla, Tony Davidson, Iain Tait
  • Client: Mark Given
  • Production Company: Iconoclast
  • Director: We are From LA

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