Thinkboxes May 2008 Winner: Honda, Live Parachute Jump, 4Creative/ W+K London

There is something about Honda and compelling TV advertising. The great tradition started by ‘Cog’ (the Domino Rally-style ad featuring car parts) and continued with the critically acclaimed ‘Hondamentalism’ and ‘Impossible Dream’ has earned the car manufacturer a reputation for talked-about ads. The Honda skydiving spectacular came about when media agency Starcom asked media owners to come up with ideas to interpret and illustrate Honda’s ‘difficult is worth doing’ mantra.

Channel 4 submitted a compelling response – a live ad. Honda, a brand known for its bravery when it comes to advertising, loved the idea, especially as it dovetailed nicely with its current ad strategy, which also features skydivers. So it was that on 29 May, 19 skydivers jumped out of a plane over Spain, spelling out the letters of the word Honda during their freefall. 

The three-minute ad, broadcast live on Channel 4, was extensively previewed in the media in a bid to make it destination viewing. More than 2m people watched it. The Thinkbox Academy judges were united in their praise of this landmark piece of TV. 

Good on 4Creative, Wieden & Kennedy and Honda for pulling off this great stunt. I loved the “Hello Mum” on the gloves.

Stephen Woodford, Chairman and Chief Executive of DDB

Agency 4Creative/ W+K London; Creatives James Springall, Craig Hanratty; Director Tim Van Someren; Production company North One; Media agency Starcom

Drench ‘Brains’ drench dance’(2nd)

  • Agency CHI
  • Creative Ewan Patterson
  • Production Company Rattling Stick
  • Director Ringan Ledwidge

Sony 'Foam city (3rd)

  • Creative agency Fallon London 
  • Creatives Samuel Akesson & Tomas Mankovsky 
  • Production Company HLA 
  • Director Simon Ratigan

Also shortlisted

  • Carling, Cowboys
  • COI- Defra, Footprints
  • Oxfam, Be Humankind
  • Smooth Radio, Covers
  • Sure, Ceiling Rose
  • Visa, Running Man
  • Waitrose, Picnic

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