Mother’s “Ghosts” wins Thinkboxes Award for Ikea

The ad, by Mother London, was a venture into the unknown, admits Kemi Anthony, Ikea's advertising manager for UK & Ireland. The ad took six months to realise and was a challenge both technically and in aligning with Ikea's brand image "But," says Anthony, "we want great, not nice."

"Ghosts" is the brand’s callout to get more daring with fabrics and is part of the retailer’s #WonderfulEveryday strategy.

In the ad, a couple leave their house for the evening, whereupon a group of dull white-sheeted ghosts begin a decidedly lifeless party. That's until a host of brightly-textiled gate-crashers liven things up with outrageous dance moves and awesome tunes. When the couple return, the ghosts melt away, leaving the home cheerfully transformed by the Swedish retailer’s colourful materials.

The commercial was directed through Blink by Dougal Wilson who shot Ikea’s 2015 "T-shirts", in which garments make a long journey home, like birds.

"Ikea tickles us deliciously while weaving a tale that balances the retailer’s slightly out-of-reach and fantasy feel with a superbly solid insight, plus product in all its glory underpinned by a smasher of a line: ‘Be a maverick with fabric’," says Matt Davis, executive creative director at The Red Brick Road and a Thinkbox Academy judge. "Take a bow, writer."

  • Agency: Mother
  • Creatives: Mother
  • Client: Kemi Anthony
  • Production Company: Blink
  • Director: Dougal Wilson

Second and third in the March/April Thinkboxes Awards for TV ad creativity were "It’s Time To Power Your Life Differently" for Ovo Energy by Uncomon Creative Studio and "Goodluck" for Guinness Africa by AMV BBDO. Also shortlisted were "Cake Stall" for Jaguar Land Rover by The Outfit and "Louise's Story" for The Royal Navy by WCRS.

Other ads on the Podium

OVO Energy "It’s time to power your life differently"

This challenging spot takes us to a nightmarish landscape cluttered with thousands of domestic appliances - washing machines, microwaves, fan, TVs - all plugged in and running full blast. Provocatively, the TVs are running clips of interviews with climate-change sceptics. As we continue to swoop over this unsettling scene, the soundtrack segues into the highly-charged "I’m mad as hell" speech from the 1976 film, Network. However, an antidote to the nightmare now hoves into view – a massive wind turbine, its blades turning majestically.

  • Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
  • Creative Team: Uncommon Creative Studio 
  • Client: Laura Mason
  • Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
  • Director: Andreas Nilsson

Guinness “Goodluck”

This latest execution in the "Made of More" campaign brings us the triumph-over-tragedy tale of Goodluck Obiyese – a Nigerian amputee who shows us why, in his own words, "losing a leg is not a loss… it’s an advantage". Through sheer drive and determination, Goodluck has built a life for himself in Lagos, found love, made a circle of close friends… and is even the captain of an amputee football team. The conclusion? "You have to be strong. You have to overcome many challenges....I am made of black."

  • Agency: AMV BBDO
  • Creatives: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi, Andy Clough, Richard McGrann
  • Client: Graham Villiers-Tuthill
  • Production Company: Stink
  • Director: Wilkins & Maguire  

The Thinkboxes, in association with Campaign, are the only bi-monthly awards that celebrate the UK’s world-beating TV ad creativity, in all its forms. They’re judged by the Thinkbox Academy – 200 advertising and marketing luminaries who have been involved in award-winning creative work for TV.

Jaguar Land Rover "Cake Stall"

It's St Swithin’s Day, complete with the inevitable thunderstorms. So Sharon Horgan, helping out at a village fete, decides to do things her own way – she runs a cake stall from her Jaguar F-PACE, only rolling down her window briefly to make each sale. Customers can only look in enviously at her, snug in her warm car. The aim was to extend Jaguar’s appeal to a younger audience, bringing irreverence and playfulness to its "Show Your Edge" brand philosophy.

  • Creative agency: The Outfit 
  • Creative team: Gemma Crawley, Maggie Kelly 
  • Client: Rhidian Taylor 
  • Production company: The Outfit 
  • Director: Will Clark

The Royal Navy "Louise’s Story"

The brief here to was extend the "Made In The Royal Navy" campaign and encourage more women to consider a career on the ocean wave. Thus it focuses on the service’s traditional strengths in recognising hard work, making it possible to rise through the ranks regardless of background… or, indeed, gender. Louise’s story highlights hr resourcefulness and determination – and shows her being rewarded with a stimulating work environment, the respect of her colleagues and opportunities to see the world. 

  • Creative agency: WCRS
  • Creative team: Billy Faithfull, Orlando Warner, Ben Brazier, Johnny Ruthven
  • Client: Paul Colley
  • Production company: Trailer Park
  • Director: Grey Hackett

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