Giffgaff wins the March/ April Thinkboxes with 'The Big Swim'

Giffgaff’s “The Big Swim”, created by Who Wot Why, was chosen by The Thinkboxes Academy as winner of the March/April 2017 Thinkboxes award for TV ad creativity.

In the ad, Giffgaff’s USP – as a contract-free mobile network – is demonstrated by a woman at the pool who, rather than diving down from the board into the swimming pool, rockets up to the Moon, then Mars. Eventually she returns and dive-bombs into the pool beside her boyfriend, reinforcing the Giffgaff promise that users are “free to go, free to stay”.

The film is set to The Walker Brothers’ Stay with Me Baby.

Tom Rainsford

This brings to life an important message for us in the most epic way possible,” Giffgaff brand director Tom Rainsford says. “We have always been a disruptive and market-challenging brand. We consistently challenge ourselves with our approach, and foster a creative team of exceptional talent which has produced this latest defining work.” He adds: “Our campaigns continue to punch above their weight, showing there is a better way to do mobile in a noisy market full of Goliath brands.

Tom Rainsford Brand Director, Giffgaff

Creative agency: Who Wot Why Creative team: Sean Thompson, Matt Gooden, Ben Walker Client: Tom Rainsford, brand director, Giffgaff Production company: Dark Energy Director: Sean Thompson

Other ads on the podium “Epic Skeletor”

We’re not used to seeing Masters of the Universe arch-villain Skeletor waking up and jumping out of bed in a great mood. Strutting out of the house to Irene Cara’s 80s anthem Fame, Skeletor draws a string of new admirers in his wake – including his nemesis, He-Man, who’s clearly moved by the transformation. “Skeletor,” he declares, “You’re so Moneysupermarket.”

  • Creative agency: Mother
  • Creative team: Mother
  • Client: Philippa Heywood
  • Production company: Sonny
  • Director: Fredrik Bond

Carlsberg “The Danish Way”

Research has suggested that Denmark is one of the happiest nations in the world. Here Danish A-Lister Mads Mikkelsen explores possible reasons for this, getting on his bike to take us on a surreal tour of Danish cultural triumphs and more abstract ideas like ‘hygge’. Naturally, he ends up at a brewery, where he enjoys a glass of Carlsberg Export. Could this be the secret of universal happiness? Probably.

  • Creative agency: Fold7
  • Creative team: Ryan Newey, Simon Learman, Lucy Aston, Ben Ducker
  • Client: Lynsey Woods
  • Production company: Stink Productions
  • Director: Martin Krejci

Also shortlisted

Lucozade Sport Anthony Joshua – Made to Move

Lucozade has crafted a mini epic. This spot charts world heavyweight champion boxer Joshua’s journey, from early sporting prowess through brushes with the law and his determination to turn his life around, and concludes with footage of the first major triumph of his sporting career. It all serves to illustrate the brand positioning: “Nobody ever moved forward standing still.”

  • Creative agency: Valenstein & Fatt
  • Creative team: Dominic Goldman, Christopher Hewitt, Mattias Rudh, Jack Sedgwick, Jacqueline Dobrin, Dan Sherwood
  • Client: Steven Hind
  • Production company: Smuggler
  • Director: Christopher Hewitt

Virgin Media This is Fibre

In this contemporary take on Wacky Races, a cable morphs into a brightly-lit, futuristic tunnel as characters and motorbikes, cars, carriages and spacecraft hurtle down it to your TV. It’s a gloriously anarchic spot – and how better to remind us of the unique nature of Virgin’s cable delivery technology, as well as underlining the array of entertainment content it offers?

  • Creative agency: BBH London
  • Creative team: Carl Broadhurst, Felipe Guimaraes, Lambros Charalambous
  • Client: Kerris Bright
  • Production company: Rogue
  • Director: Sam Brown

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