Pure TV brilliance from Boots

“Ready for more”, Mother’s commercial for Boots No7 featuring 53-year-old world-class ballerina Alessandra Ferri, has won the March/April 2016 Thinkboxes Awards For TV Ad Creativity.

In the ad, Ferri, once the youngest dancer at the Royal Ballet, performs with a hologram of her 19-year-old self to mark a new global brand direction for No7, which is all about living in the present and being ready to take on daily challenges.

“Over the past few years, No7 advertising has dramatised the feeling women get when beauty really works,” Walgreen Boots Alliance’s Kristof Neirynck says of the empowerment theme that sits at the heart of the new campaign.

“As No7 evolves from a British beauty icon to a global destination brand, we wanted to take that thought further – to demonstrate what women then go on to do when they feel fantastic. The ad is a recognition of the positive impact women make in their world when they are in control of their own beauty.

“Alessandra epitomises this for us – her talent and her attitude defy age: she is ‘ready’.”

The Thinkbox Academy voted Adam & Eve/DDB’s “Every last child” commercial for Save the Children, featuring children in peril from the perspective of an aid worker, as their runner-up.

“This is my soul”, the Tony Kaye-directed spot from Big Eyes for The Black Farmer, took third place.


The ad is a recognition of the positive impact women make when in control of their beauty.

Kristof Neirynck Vice-President, Global Category Director – Skincare, Boots

Creative agency Mother; Creative team Matt Leach, Jess Oudot, Peter Robertson, Susan Hosking Client Kristof Neirynck; Production company Tomboy Films; Director Tom Harper

Other ads on the podium

Save the Children: Every Last Child (2nd)

  • Creative agency Adam & Eve/DDB
  • Creative team Ben Priest, Ben Tollett, Richard Brim, Matt Gay, John Long
  • Client Kate Hewitt
  • Production company HLA
  • Director Simon Ratigan

The Black Farmer: This Is My Soul (3rd)

  • Creative agency Big Eyes
  • Creative team Martin Galton, Tony Kaye, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones
  • Client Wilfred Emmanuel- Jones
  • Production companies Above The Sea
  • Director Tony Kaye

Also shortlisted

Finish: Heartbreak

  • Creative agency Wieden & Kennedy
  • Creative team Tony Davidson, Iain Tait, Carlos Alija, Laura Sampedro, Sophie Bodoh, Ben Everitt
  • Client Helen Powell
  • Production company Canada London
  • Director Canada

McDonald's: We Are Awake

  • Creative agency Leo Burnett
  • Creative team Richard Robinson, Graham Lakeland, Adam Tucker
  • Client Hannah Pain
  • Production company Tantrum
  • Director Jake Mavity

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