Nothing beats Nike in the January/February Thinkboxes

The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy, has won widespread praise - and good-natured creative envy from the Thinkbox Academy.

"I wish I’d done [it] so much it hurts," said Vicki Maguire, joint chief creative officer at Grey. Laura Jordan Bambach, chief creative officer of Mr President, said the "absolutely phenomenal work encapsulates London, in all its grime and glory, down to a tee.

"It made me feel terribly lucky (and guilty) to be a Londoner and to be getting such treatment. I'm hoping that Nike has plans to explore the rest of this magnificent, messy, disorganised and delightful little island in further executions of some sort. Everyone deserves to feel as proud as I did after view number five (and counting)."

The commercial recognises the truth that many kids in London face unique hardships and a commitment to taking part in organised sport often involves the sort of resilient mindset normally associated only with elite athletes. Its rapid-fire montage, peppered with blink-and-you-miss-them celebrities, including England manager Gareth Southgate, reflects London’s sub-cultures in all their irrepressible wit and energy. The campaign seeks to encourage even more Londoners to embrace savvy, street-wise determination and take part in everything from football (of course) and basketball to rowing and ice hockey.

  • Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
  • Creatives: Paddy Treacy, Mark Shanley, Tom Bender, Tom Corcoran, Joe Bruce
  • Client: Philip Jacobson
  • Production Company: Riff Raff
  • Director: Megaforce

Other ads on the Podium

Ancestry “Together forever”

Ancestry adds a timely contribution to the Brexit debate in this spot for its consumer DNA test. Taking as its cue the notion that 60% of the DNA of the average Brit can be traced to somewhere in continental Europe, it offers us a cast of archetypal Europeans. A suave Frenchman in a swanky restaurant, German sausage shop owners and a Dutch art gallery attendant are among those who serenade us with a reminder of the transient nature of politics – a version of Rick Astley’s "Together Forever".

  • Agency: Droga5 London
  • Creatives: David Kolbusz, Rick Dodds, Steve Howell, Dan Morris, Charlene Chandrasekaran
  • Client: Ancestry
  • Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
  • Director: Noam Murro

HSBC “Global Citizen”

In reinforcing its credentials as a truly global brand, HSBC decided to call on Richard Ayoade, the Cambridge-educated son of a Nigerian father and Swedish mother, to puncture Brexit rhetoric by showcasing how multicultural Britain really is. We enjoy Costa Rican coffee, drive Japanese and German, watch American films on Korean tablets and worship an international cast of footballers. The message? Though we live on a little lump of land in the middle of the sea, we are not an island.

  • Agency: JWT
  • Creative Team: J. Walter Thompson London
  • Client: Jamie Buxon
  • Production Company: Gorgeous Productions
  • Director: Chris Palmer

The Thinkboxes, in association with Campaign, are the only bi-monthly awards that celebrate the UK’s world-beating TV ad creativity, in all its forms. They’re judged by the Thinkbox Academy – 200 advertising and marketing luminaries who have been involved in award-winning creative work for TV.

Look out for the street-level walk-through the making of "Nothing beats a Londoner" in the April issue of Campaign.

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