Sport England wins the January/ February Thinkboxes

 “Phenomenal women” was chosen by The Thinkboxes Academy as winner of the January/February 2017 Thinkboxes award for TV ad creativity.

The next step in the “This Girl Can” initiative, launched by Sport England two years ago, this film is aimed at women between the ages of 14 and 60. It shows women of all ages engaged in sport and is a heart-pumping celebration of the sense of belonging that participation brings.

The TV ad, directed by Kim Gehrig through production company Somesuch, is set to a new soundtrack blended with a narrative by celebrated US poet Maya Angelou.

Kate Dale

We’ve stayed true to our original formula, showing real women and girls playing sport and getting active, Our ambition is still about overcoming judgment, but we feature new messages to empower women – with a range of new and returning faces.

Kate Dale Head of Campaign Strategy, Sport England

Creative agency: FCB Inferno Creative team: Al Young, Ben Edwards, Martin McAlister Client: Kate Dale Production company: Somesuch Director: Kim Gehrig

Other ads on the podium

Finish: Combinations

Dishwashers clean dishes, but what cleans the dishwasher? Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, obviously. As this ad illustrates, it’s not a role to be underestimated. A huge range of foods sticks to the dishes we put in our machines, and we’re invited to imagine them in surreal combinations. The endline urges us to “power away” all that yuck – and love our dishwashers.

  • Creative agency W&K London
  • Creative team: C Alija, L Sampedro, B Polkinghorne, S Kelly, C Roseman, I Matine, T Davidson, I Tait
  • Client: G Cacciatore
  • Production company: Riff Raff
  • Director: The Sacred Egg

IKEA: Win at sleeping

Here IKEA uses a sporting analogy to show off its bedroom range. Sleeping becomes a challenge you can surmount if you prepare for it single-mindedly. The bed becomes a dramatically-lit boxing ring; face cream becomes the anti-glare war paint used by stars in the NFL; and the voiceover is the motivational talk of a sports coach. If you do it right, you can “win at sleeping.”

  • Creative agency: Mother
  • Creative team: Ana Balarin, Hermeti Balarin, Matt Leach, Jess Oudot
  • Client: Kemi Anthony
  • Production company: Stink
  • Director: Jones & Tino

Also shortlisted

McCafe: Madness

This ad gently mocks trendy coffee shops for over-complicating the beverage. In one, a bemused customer is presented with an tiny cup. In another, the drink comes in a jam jar. We’re shown a series of hipster joints where the menus are incomprehensible, the staff filled with contempt and the price exorbitant. In contrast, no-nonsense McCafé is just great-tasting coffee – “Simple.”

  • Creative agency: Leo Burnett London
  • Creative team: Chaka Sobhani, Matt Lee, Pete Heyes
  • Client: Sarah Currie
  • Production company: Knucklehead
  • Director:Tony Barry

Sainsbury’s: Food dancing

This energetic ad celebrates a secret but popular kitchen behaviour: “food dancing”. There’s a simple joy to being totally in the rhythm of cooking – as seen in this montage of cooks bouncing about in the kitchen. Some clips are shot on phones for added authenticity; the commissioned music is by MysDiggi; and we’re invited to post our own #fooddancing videos on Twitter.

  • Creative agency: Wieden & Kennedy London
  • Creative team: Scott Dungate, Sophie Bodoh, Karen Jane, Stephanie McArdle, Tobias Bschorr, Tony Davidson, Iain Tait, Danielle Stewart
  • Client: Mark Given
  • Production company: Knucklehead
  • Director: Siri Bunford

Thinkboxes winner January February 2017

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