Thinkboxes winner January/ February 2010

IKEA may be synonymous with bookcases and meatballs, but it is less well-known for its kitchens.

While competitors with bigger adspends use pictures of 'perfect' kitchens being showcased by actors, IKEA wanted to show kitchens that belong to real people.

The 'Kitchen Squad' campaign comprised a trio of ads that ran across consecutive ad breaks on Channel 4, showing IKEA's makeover team surprising people by ripping out their old kitchen and installing a new one. Two additional storylines will be broadcast soon.

The ads, created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay, featured two unsuspecting families who were nominated by friends.


It is a campaign we are proud of. We have approached the category with honesty and integrity in mind. That is why we have used real employees. It is not advertising that is beautiful and soulless: it is affordable kitchens for real people.

Geraldine Stewart Head of External Communications, IKEA

Client Geraldine Stewart, IKEA; Ad Agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay; Creative Team Laurie Smith, Steve Robertson, Simon Bere; Production Monkey Kingdom; Director Ben Caron

Other ads on the podium

Visa - Football Evolution  (2nd)

  • Creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Creative Xander Smith
  • Client Mark Giffin
  • Production company Gorgeous
  • Director Chris Palmer

Cravendale - Time Fridge  (3rd)

  • Creative agency Wieden & Kennedy
  • Creative Freddie Powell
  • Client Jessica Hardcastle
  • Production company Not To Scale
  • Director Pic Pic André

Also shortlisted

Renault Twingo - Dad

  • Creative agency Publicis Italie
  • Creative team Patrizio Marini, Gilda Buccino, Claudia Canapini
  • Client Elsa Grandperrin
  • Production company Sam Fontaine, Jessica Piergiovanni (La Pac)
  • Director Bart Timmer

A view from a Thinkbox Academy member

Danny Brooke Taylor

Hold it right there, sports fans… this is the moment we’ve been waiting for… the fat lad chucks his crisps in the air and makes a run for it… go on my son… now’s your chance… round one… round another... edge of the box… shooooot!!!… he’s let one fly… it bends past the keeper… one-nil Visa… they think it’s all over… it is now.

Danny-Brooke-Taylor Creative Director, MCBD

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