Thinkboxes February 2009 Winner: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ‘Eyebrows’ Fallon

Cadbury has clinched the February Thinkboxes award for its ‘Eyebrows’ ad, which features two schoolchildren performing an unusual eyebrow dance.

The ad, which continues the theme established by the brand’s ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Trucks’ ads, debuted on Channel 4 in January.

It opens with two young siblings posing for a portrait in a photography studio. When the photographer leaves them alone, the boy starts playing Freestyle’s Don’t Stop the Rock on his digital watch. The duo then break into a choreographed eyebrow dance in time to the music. The girl, wearing a dress in Cadbury’s signature purple colour, then lets bursts of air out of a balloon, creating a squeaky sound akin to a DJ scratching a record.


The idea just made us beam. We wanted to create entertainment that makes people smile.

Lucy Evans Senior Brand Manager, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Creative agency Fallon; Creative team Rich Flintham; Client Lee Rolston; Production company MJZ London; Director Tom Kuntz

Other ads on the podium

Department for transport: Live with it  (2nd)

  • Creative agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
  • Creative team Mike Bond, Bern Hunter, Phil Martin, Brian Campbell
  • Client Camilla Wilkinson
  • Production company Rattling Stick
  • Director Andy McLeod

Lurpak: Saturday is breakfast day (3rd)

  • Creative agency Wieden & Kennedy
  • Creative team Peter Gatley, Noe Kuremoto
  • Client Jessica Hardcastle
  • Production company HLA
  • Director Simon Rattigan

Also shortlisted

Adidas Originals: Celebrate Originality

  • Creative agency Sid Lee
  • Creative team Sid Lee
  • Client Tom Ramsden
  • Production companies Partizan, Los Angeles; Radke Film Group
  • Director Nima Nourizadeh

Orange: Orange Wednesday

  • Creative agency Fallon
  • Creative team Rich Flintham, Tony McTear, Lawrence Seftel, Dave Day
  • Client Justin Billingsley
  • Production company Hungry Man
  • Director Hank Perlman

A view from a Thinkbox Academy member on this month's picks


In tough times, creativity is your best weapon. For a demonstration, look no further than this month’s shortlist.

Leon Jaume Executive Creative Director, WCRS

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