Thinkboxes May/June 2010 Winner: Nike’s 'Write the Future' by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam

Summer 2010’s World Cup provided Nike with the opportunity to show that every four years the world's best footballers have the chance to achieve legendary status and write their own future by giving the performance of their lives on the ultimate stage.

In its three-minute Write the Future TV spot, top footballers play out their potential World Cup experiences in epic fashion.

The ad shows how one moment on the pitch can be the catalyst for ripple effects felt around the world as well as the difference between fame and infamy for the players.

The spot, set to a remix of Hocus Pocus by Dutch band Focus, stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Fabio Cannavaro and Didier Drogba.

Enrico Balleri, Global Football Advertising Director at Nike, said the TV ad had amplified Nike's social media presence.

Enrico Balleri

The campaign generated an unprecedented level of engagement from football fans around the world [with] more than 35 million views on YouTube, and our social media fan base has swelled to over 9 million. Capturing the scale, emotion and impact of moments in a game on players, fans and nations has captured the imagination of all who love football.

Enrico Balleri Global Football Advertising Director at Nike

Creative agency Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam; Creative team Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy, Stu Harkness, Freddie Powell; Clients Enrico Balleri, Colin Leary; Production company Independent; Director Alejandro  Inarritu

Other ads on the podium

John Smith's: Diner

  • Creative agency TBWA\London
  • Creative team Marcello Bernardi, Gabriel Miller, Craig Ainsley, Fernando Perottoni
  • Client Gareth Turner
  • Production company Rattling Stick
  • Director Danny Kleinman

Hovis: Miss Chief

  • Creative agency MCBD
  • Creative Danny Brooke-Taylor
  • Client Jon Goldstone
  • Production company Gorgeous
  • Director Vince Squibb

Also shortlisted

Carling - World Cup Live Scores

  • Creative agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay
  • Creative team Richard Harris, Jamie Starbuck
  • Client Annette Middleton
  • Production companies Sonny London, 750mph Recording Studios
  • Director Fredrik Bond 

Umbro – Anthem

  • Creative agency Anomaly
  • Creative team Mike Byrne, Richard Mulder
  • Client Trevor Cairns
  • Production company Prettybird
  • Director Max Malkin

A view from a Thinkbox Academy member of this month's picks


Here’s the thing. Hovis is nice. And Carling is clever. But Nike is from another planet. Yes, it’s long. Yes, the football sequences are nothing new. Yes, none of the stars have made it to the final. But none of that really matters. Nike is huge and brilliant and feels like an industry, and a medium, finding its voice again.

George Prest Executive Creative Director, Delaney Lund Knox Warren

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