Thinkboxes ground rules

These awards are open to all formats of TV advertising creativity which surround and support professionally produced commercial TV Programming in the UK.

Creative work must have been shown in the UK on broadcast TV, internet TV (IPTV and simulcast or web TV) or Mobile TV.

Only the version which was shown on telly is eligible.

Any work which has been withdrawn as a result of an intervention by a regulatory body is or becomes ineligible.

All work entered must have had the all-clear (where necessary) by Clearcast.

You may be asked to supply proof of placement in case of dispute.

Agencies or advertisers must submit creative work to Thinkbox for consideration by the last Friday of the two month period in which it appeared (e.g. for Mar-Apr, by the last Friday in April). 

Work will be short-listed by a combined team from Campaign and Thinkbox.

A maximum shortlist of 5 pieces of work will then be voted on by the members of the Thinkbox Academy. The shortlist will be published in Campaign.

The winner will be the piece of work with the most first place votes from Academy members. If there is a tie, the 2nd and then 3rd place votes will be taken into consideration.

Results will be announced in Campaign and on the Thinkbox website.

Creative work which wins in any given period is ineligible for entry in any subsequent competitions.

By entering for these awards you agree that Thinkbox can feature your campaign in any awards publicity including the Thinkbox website, Campaign and

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