July/August's best TV ad creative

The July/August Thinkboxes shortlist sees stand out spots from Avanti West Coast, Channel 4, International Paralympic Committee, LiveScore and Spoke. Who will the Academy vote for? Watch them all right here.

Avanti West Coast ‘Feel Good Travel’

Ever wondered how travel should feel? The answer is: like the turtle in this joyous ad, whizzing on rollerblades from the city to the countryside. Created for Avanti West Coast’s new brand platform, the spot marks a refreshing change from the usual tired tropes. It’s also a timely reminder that travel should be about much more than the destination.

  • Agency: adam&eveDDB 
  • Creative team: Christian Sewell, Andy McAnaney, Jeppe Vidstrup, Simone Warme 
  • Client: Kate Squires 
  • Production company: MJZ Director: Tom Kuntz 

Channel 4 ‘Super. Human.’

The third instalment of Channel 4’s 'superhuman' strategy for its Paralympics coverage focuses on the human side of the athletes. The end result is a unique and funny take on what it takes to compete at the highest level in sport which deftly combines warmth, wit and a serious message. Its point is poignant and profound: to be a Paralympian, there’s got to be something wrong with you.

  • Agency: 4Creative 
  • Creative team: Lynsey Atkin, Eoin McLaughlin, Andy Shrubsole, Scott Taylor 
  • Client: Channel 4 
  • Production company: Somesuch 
  • Director: Bradford Young

International Paralympic Committee ‘#WeThe15’

Pushing prams and killing houseplants are just some of the everyday realities in the ordinary lives of the 1.2 billion people with disabilities who make up 15% of the world’s population. Part of the launch campaign for WeThe15 – a new global human rights movement backed by multiple international organisations uniting for a decade-long campaign to transform the lives of disabled people – this spot is a clarion call for recognition of those with disabilities as ‘one of us’ in order to break down the barriers that keep the able-bodied and disabled apart.

  • Agency: adam&eveDDB 
  • Creative team: Richard Brim, Laura Rogers, Genevieve Gransden, Selma Ahmed 
  • Client: Craig Spence Production company: Pulse 
  • Director: Sam Pilling

LiveScore ‘More than a score’

The agony and the ecstasy football fans feel is brought to life in this spot conceived to position LiveScore as the content source to support fans’ passion for the beautiful game. Underpinning each of the witty and diverse array of vignettes in this spot is the simple truth that a gaol is much, much more than just a pair of digits.

  • Agency: Wonderhood Studios 
  • Creative team: Aidan McClure, Mark Slack Client: Colin Rickman 
  • Production company: Knucklehead 
  • Director: Christopher Hewitt

Spoke ‘Jack the not so standard mannequin’

Like many men, Jack isn’t a standard, off-the-peg size. So when it comes to suits, he struggles to find a good fit. Which is a particular challenge as Jack is a mannequin looking for work. The not so standard mannequin’s plight (before his problem is solved by custom-fit menswear brand Spoke) is depicted in mock documentary style in this, the company’s network TV advertising debut.

  • Agency: Mother 
  • Creative team: Mother 
  • Client: Danielle Betts 
  • Production company: MindsEye 
  • Director: Benjamin Green 
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