The shortlist is in for the January/February Thinkboxes

The January/February Thinkboxes shortlist features some great brands. Who’s work will the Academy decide is the best? And will you agree with their decision? Pour a cuppa, and have a watch of the shortlist above.

Department for Education 'Tuesday'

The latest instalment of Havas' teacher recruitment campaign for the Department of Education stars Addison Brown, a real teacher from Bedford High School in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Titled ‘Tuesday’, it paints an authentic, intimate portrait of a single day in the life of a teacher and celebrates the energy and care he pours into his job every day. It also aims to emphasise the unique nature of the career – full of colour, creativity, vibrancy and variety – and the fact that no two days are the same.

  • Creative agency: Havas London
  • Creative team: Sam Turk, Paul Robbins, Lynsey Atkin
  • Clients: The Department for Education
  • Production company: Pulse Films
  • Director: 32

Ecover 'Laundry Against Landfill'

Fashion waste is hurting our planet with almost 1,000 items of clothing going to landfill every thirty seconds in the UK alone. The conversation is often centred around the new clothes we buy, rather than the ones already hanging in our wardrobe. Eco-pioneer Ecover want to raise awareness and champion the environmental benefit of keeping our clothes in-use for longer and out of landfill. Uncommon brings this formidable mission to life in new global creative campaign ‘Laundry Against Landfill’. The film visualises the powerful truth as words and data can often become white noise (with a distorted synth organ solo).

  • Creative agency: Uncommon London
  • Creative team: Uncommon Creative Studio
  • Client: Sara Mendez
  • Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
  • Director: The Glue Society

Starbucks ‘What’s your name?’

Starbucks ‘What’s Your Name’, is the winner of Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award, which this year challenged the lack of authentic representation of the LGBT+ community. Starbucks saw an opportunity to build on its heritage of supporting the LGBT+ community, telling a story about the importance of identity and the acceptance that comes from their signature act of writing people’s names on cups. The 60s TV ad tells the story of James who is in transition; constantly addressed by the birth name he no longer identifies with – until the moment he’s asked for his name for the first time in a Starbucks store.

  • Creative agency: Iris
  • Creative team: Eli Vasiliou, Richard Peretti, Grant Hunter, Matt Gray
  • Client: Neil Littler
  • Production company: Sweetshop
  • Director: Nicholas Jack Davies

NatWest ‘This Is How We Do It’

You’re never too young to start good habits with money, and with the help of NatWest’s free financial education programme, MoneySense, 5-18 years will be learning how to feel money confident. Set to the memorable crowd pleaser, ‘This is how we do it’ by Montel Jordan, the spot’s protagonist is such a keen little saver, that swiping the shiny £1 from Dad’s trolley produces a swagger of epic proportions. Emulating true money confidence, the joy of finding this precious bounty only highlights the disregard her father has shown towards this small denomination of cash.

  • Creative agency: The&Partnership
  • Creative team: Micky Tudor, Yan Elliot, Kate Allsop, Howard Green, Tom Loveless, Matt Wood
  • Client: Emma Isaac  
  • Production company: Blink Productions
  • Director: The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide

Uber Eats ‘Leslie’

Leslie uses two computer monitors. At the same time. Like some kind of spreadsheet-obsessed fighter-pilot. How does she do it? Who knows, but one thing’s certain: she’s bringing it. Guz Khan plays the irrepressible Uber Eats delivery guy, bringing delicious meatball subs and a side helping of awe to office lunchtimes.

  • Creative agency: Mother
  • Creative team: Mother
  • Client: Maya Gallego Spiers
  • Production company: Rogue
  • Director: Stacy Wall


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