Virgin Media's "Why walk when you can ride" wins TV creativity award

An epic approach in a category that’s becoming increasingly commoditised really paid off for Virgin Media in its latest ad. The TV spot built on the company’s wifi guarantee and its promise to lead the way in delivering super connectivity, reliability, and speed that are hallmarks of its “Why Walk When You Can Ride?” campaign – but, this time, it brought in a little help from an adventurous Highland cow.

“The brief was all about positioning Virgin Media as the connectivity super brand to assert our superiority in connectivity while re-injecting our advertising with a sense of mojo, capturing the ‘unstoppable spirit’ of Virgin Media,” says the brand’s marketing director Amy Gilbert.

TV plays a pivotal role in Virgin Media’s channel mix for its enduring ability to drive mass reach, she explains. And as brand connection is one of the biggest drivers of consideration, it provides a fantastic platform to drive that emotional connection which, with the right creative idea, creates memorability and stand-out.

In an increasingly commoditised category, the ad needed to give people something to smile about, connect with, and remember, says VCCP senior creative James Hodson. “TV allows us to create emotional, cinematic storytelling experiences that really get the essence of the brand across,” he explains. “We want everything we do to feel epic and TV is the perfect platform to deliver on that.”

Second in the September-October Thinkboxes was "Do Less - Parrot" by Mother for Uber Eats. “So tasty! Why choose the alternative?” by Adam & Eve/DDB for Quorn was third.

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Virgin Media “Why Walk When You Can Ride”

  • Agency: VCCP
  • Creative team: David Masterman, Jason Keet, James Hodson
  • Client: Abigail Ridgwell
  • Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
  • Director: Jeff Low

DFS “The Animal Thingdom”

  • Agency: Pablo
  • Creative team: Dan Watts, Charlie Gee & Tian Murphy, Chris Bovill & John Allison
  • Client: James Brewer
  • Production company: Drool Productions
  • Director: Freddie Powell

John Lewis “For All Life’s Moments”

  • Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
  • Creative team: Richard Gayton, Darren Beresford, Matt Gay, Feargal Balance
  • Client: Emma Wood, Rosie Hanley, Michelle Barry, Claire Pointon
  • Production company: MJZ
  • Director: Juan Cabral

Quorn “So Tasty! Why Choose The Alternative”

  • Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB
  • Creative team: Richard Brim, Matt Fitch, Mark Lewis, Dan Bailey, Brad Woolf
  • Client: Lucy Grogut
  • Production company: MindsEye
  • Director: Jim Archer

Uber Eats “Do Less - Parrot”

  • Agency: Mother London
  • Creative team: Mother
  • Client: Maya Gallego-Spiers
  • Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
  • Director: Andreas Nilsson


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