Welcome back: Guinness raises the creative bar

When people are moved to tears by an ad for a drink, you know you’ve hit the sweet spot. The ad in question is not just any ad, it’s a TV ad. And it’s not just any drink but the venerable Guinness brand. "Welcome Back” by AMV BBDO has unleashed both the emotions of people missing a pint of the black stuff and the praise of creative peers in the Thinkbox Academy who have voted it the best TV ad to debut in May-June.

Guinness “Welcome Back”

  • Agency: AMV BBDO 
  • Creative team: Jack Watts & James Cambridge; Nick Hulley & Nadja Lossgott (CDs) 
  • Client: Neil Shah 
  • Production company: Outsider 
  • Director: Chris Balmond

EA Sports FIFA21 “Inspiring the next generation of footballers”

  • Agency: Adam & Eve/DDB 
  • Creative team:> Genevieve Gransden, Selma Ahmed 
  • Client: Sola Kasali 
  • Production company: Pulse Films 
  • Director: Bassam Tariq

KFC “Love You Too”

  • Agency: Mother London 
  • Creative team: Mother London 
  • Client: Amy Binns 
  • Production company: Riff Raff 
  • Director: Rich Hall

HSBC UK “Vicious Circle”

  • Agency: Wunderman Thompson 
  • Creative team: Mike Watson, Craig Hunt, James Humphreys, Sonny Botero, Liberty Willison, Tom Laurence 
  • Client: Sarah Mayall 
  • Production company: Knucklehead 
  • Director: Siri Bunford

Ladbrokes “Drummers”

  • Agency: Neverland 
  • Creative team: Noel Hamilton, Lloyd Daniel 
  • Client: Stewart Townsend 
  • Production company: Rogue 
  • Director: Sam Brown

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