TV creativity award goes to the correct place

The winner of the latest Thinkboxes Award for TV creativity in March/April, along with  agency Neverland, Ivan Pols, chief creative officer at what3words is worth listening to. And he’s a TV fan.

Not only does TV give what3words “an injection of broad awareness and education” that complements its other comms, he says, “TV also gives us the time to express our personality and build an emotional connection with our audience.” The brand’s goal is to become “a global standard in addressing, so we need as many people as possible to have some knowledge of the system, to like the brand, and to remember to use it at the right time

“Neighbours” plays out a young man having an awkward encounter with an elderly neighbour. As he asks her about his missing parcels, which she claims no knowledge of, he spots her husband wearing the things he’d ordered and, as she closes the door with a smug expression, the man spies the woman herself wearing some box-fresh trainers that look suspiciously like the ones he’d bought. Even so, his politeness won’t let him challenge her word.

Second in the March-April Thinkboxes was "Let play unwind your mind" by Mother for Ikea. “I am what I am” by Lucky Generals for Virgin Atlantic was third. Also shortlisted were “Whatever London wants” by The Or for Gorillas and “The epic mission” by BBH for Tesco Mobile.

what3words "Neighbours"

  • Agency: Neverland
  • Creative team: Lloyd Daniel
  • Client: Ivan Pols
  • Production company: Smuggler
  • Director: Tom Speers

 Gorillas "Whatever London Wants"

  • Agency: The Or
  • Creative team: Nathalie Gordon, Amy Fasey, Jacob Hellstrom
  • Client: Danny Barry
  • Production company: Academy
  • Director: Ethan & Tom

IKEA "Let Play Unwind Your Mind"

  • Agency: Mother
  • Creative team: Mother
  • Client: Kemi Anthony
  • Production company: Iconoclast
  • Director: Alaska

Tesco Mobile "The Epic Mission"

  • Agency: BBH
  • Creative team: Helen Rhodes, Uche Ezugwu, Tom Chancellor, Gavin Torrance
  • Client: Lawrence Hamilton
  • Production company: Pulse Films
  • Director: 32

Virgin Atlantic "I am what I am"

  • Agency: Lucky Generals
  • Creative team: Danny Brooke-Taylor, Ed Cole, Lewis Mooney
  • Client: Annabelle Cordelli
  • Production company: Biscuit Filmworks
  • Director: Ben Strebel
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