Hotstepper swagger bags TV creativity award for Lucozade

Song and dance is a natural, and some would say well-trodden, path to convey energy in an ad. So when your brand is Lucozade - long-established but with a new “megabrand strategy” based on “unlocking the power of positive energy to be your best self” - how on earth can you be original?

Enter Adam & Eve/DDB’s “It’s ON” which swaggers its way into our consciousness with a cool hula-hooping guy walking through his neighbourhood to Ini Kamoze’s iconic track Here Comes The Hotstepper. Ultra-relaxed and powered by the bottle he has just consumed, he doesn’t miss a beat - or drop his hoop, showcasing that positive energy of Lucozade. The message: when you’re on, it’s on and they were on to a winner for the Thinkboxes for March/April. 

Lucozade ‘It's ON : Hula’

  • Agency: Adam&Eve/DDB
  • Creative team: Selma Ahmed, Genevieve Gransden 
  • Client: Zoe Trimble 
  • Production company: Somesuch 
  • Director: Max Weiland

Moonpig ‘It Must Be A Moonpig’

  • Agency: Creature London 
  • Creative team: Stu Outhwaite-Noel, Ben Middleton, Megan Egan
  • Client: Kristof Fahy 
  • Production company: Agile 
  • Director: Ben Reed

Rightmove ‘The Renter’

  • Agency: Fold7 
  • Creative team: Jo Taylor, Kiran Strickland, Ryan Newey 
  • Client: Iain Kennedy 
  • Production company: Stink 
  • Director: Owen Trevor

Taylors of Harrogate ‘What If Everything Was This Simple?’

  • Agency: Lucky Generals 
  • Creative team: Danny Brooke-Taylor, Charlie Hurst, George Allen, Lizzie Moore 
  • Client: Kelly Wright 
  • Production company: Smuggler 
  • Director: Randy Krallman

Tesco Mobile ‘Supermarket Mobile’

  • Agency: BBH London 
  • Creative team: Uche Ezugwu, Lawrence Bushell, Luke Till 
  • Client: Rachel Swift, Emma Herridge, Simon Rogers 
  • Production company: Thomas Thomas Films 
  • Director: Tiny Bullet
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