EE's "Not Her Problem" wins TV creativity award

A clear singular insight combined with a meticulous eye for detail helped create the winning spot for EE that was at the heart of its Hope United 2022 campaign to tackle online sexist hate ahead of the UEFA Women’s European Championship.

The aim was to raise awareness of online sexist hate as an issue without making women seem like victims, and to get men to be part of the solution without making them seem like male saviours, according to the agency’s executive creative director Will John.

As a powerful storytelling medium, TV was the only choice, says Alice Tendler, group head of brand marketing at BT Group.

“As a technology leader, EE is committed to driving positive change in our digital lives, which involves tackling complex issues like online sexist hate,” she explains. “As a medium, TV gives us space to highlight the issue at hand in a way that feels properly emotive and entertaining.”

John continues: “TV is the place to make people sit up and engage with totally new ideas and perspectives, because we have that wiggle room to get our message across on a mass level.”

The creative idea was to hero a host of Lionesses battling the problems (and pain) they endure for their sport to make the point that sexism shouldn’t be seen as one of them.

Second in the July-Aug Thinkboxes was 'Rocky' by Neverland for Ladbrokes. 'Loaf like you mean it' by Isobel for Loaf was third.

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EE ‘Not her problem’

  • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Creatives: Will John, Nathan Crawford, Will Brookwell, Sarah Heavens
  • Client: Alice Tendler
  • Production company: Academy
  • Director: Sascha Rainbow

Ladbrokes ‘Rocky’

  • Agency: neverland
  • Creative team: Lloyd Daniel
  • Client: Ben Reeves
  • Production company: MJZ
  • Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

Loaf ‘Loaf it like you mean it’

  • Agency: Isobel
  • Creative team: Rob Fletcher, Ben Stump, Simon Findlater, Chan Spencer, Gemma Blake
  • Client: Lauren Friend
  • Production company: Isobel Productions
  • Director: Rob Fletcher & Ben Stump

McDonald’s ‘More Rewarding Moments’

  • Agency: Leo Burnett
  • Creative team: Joe Miller
  • Client: Emma Helden
  • Production company: Somesuch
  • Director: Max Weiland

Royal Navy ‘Melanie’s Story’

  • Agency: House 337
  • Creative team: Peter Iolianou, Ollie Agius, David Dearlove
  • Client: Paul Colley
  • Production company: Knucklehead
  • Director: Max Fisher
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