Russell Ramsey in '3 great ads I had nothing to do with'

A few words about Russell 

Russell Ramsay began his career at Saatchi & Saatchi, creating work for big brands such as Tesco, British Airways and Allied Breweries and NSPCC. In 1990 he moved to BBH London, which saw him promoted to creative director and then chief creative director in 2005.

In 2007 Ramsey joined JWT as executive creative director, where he remains currently, overseeing all work and reshaping the agency and becoming an executive partner in 2012.

Throughout the course of his career Ramsey has won a D&AD Gold, seven D&AD Silvers, six Cannes Gold Lions and numerous domestic and global awards. 

More about Russell’s 3 great ad choices 

Nike: Tag 

Opening on a busy metropolitan city street, a young man suddenly feels a hand clap his shoulder and as he spins round he sees the owner run off. He sighs as he realises he’s been tagged. Suddenly everyone runs away from him, hiding behind anything they can to avoid him. He eventually comes close to tagging someone at the subway but doesn’t make it in time; but luckily an unsuspecting victim appears right at the end of the platform. As he chases after him the Nike Play logo appears onscreen.

The ad was created by Wieden + Kennedy and directed by Frank Budgen. It was one of the ten most awarded ads of 2002, and won Grand Prix at that year’s Cannes Lions. 

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Creative: Mike Byrne / Kash See
Production Co: Gorgeous Enterprises
Director: Frank Budgen

Lurpak 'Kitchen Odyssey' 

This ad turns making a simple omelette into a dramatic, high effect ‘odyssey’, turning whisking eggs, pouring butt and lighting the hob into an epic journey.

The ad was created by Ray Shaughnessy and Dan Norris at Wieden + Kennedy, and produced by Anna Smith at Stink. It won Best 60-90 Second Cinema Commercial at the British Arrows in 2011. 

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Creative: Ray Shaughnessy / Dan Norris
Production Co: Stink
Director: Martin Krejci 

Skoda 'Cake' 

To the soundtrack of ‘My favourite things’ from the film The Sound of Music, a large number of bakers are seen mixing cake mix and beginning to roll out dough, for what turns out to be a number of oddly-shaped cakes. They begin to build something, using the cakes as bricks and icing sugaras ‘cement’. Eventually a car made of cakes begins to take place, with a liquorice engine, jelly light guards, and a Skoda badge made of icing is stuck on. As the car as finished and the bakers assemble around their creation, the tagline ‘The new Fabia. Full of lovely stuff’ runs.

The ad was created by John Allison and Chris Bovill of Fallon, who conceived the idea after sharing a Valentine’s day cake. It was directed by Chris Palmer.

Agency: Fallon
Creative: John Allison / Chris Bovill
Production Co: Gorgeous
Director: Chris Palmer 

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