Danny Brooke-Taylor in '3 great ads I had nothing to do with'

A few words about Danny

Danny Brooke Taylor became Creative Director at TBWA/London in 2005, working on accounts for Playstation and Adidas, moving to MCBD three years later. During his time as creative director there, he won ITV’s Ad of the Decade for work for Hovis.

In 2013, Danny co-founded Lucky Generals, a creative agency working with brands such as Hovis, Waitrose, Virgin and the Department of Health.

In his spare time he has created and directed a Children’s Television series called Green Santa, which was nominated for a BAFTA in 2011. 

Danny’s ad choices

Southern Comfort's 'Beach'

A slightly overweight but aging man dressed only in small brown speedos struts confidently down a beach, nodding assuredly at anyone looking at him. He takes a sharp left to go offscreen, and when he returns seconds later he’s holding a glass of Southern Comfort with ice. The final frame zooms in on the man holding the drink, and in the glass is a small flag with the words ‘Whatever’s comfortable’. Hit or Miss, a jazz/funk rare groove classic by Odetta Holmes plays throughout. 

The ad was created for Southern Comfort, Brown-Forman by Weiden + Kennedy New York.

The Creative Directors were Scott Vitrone & Ian Reichenthal, the Production Company was Biscuit Filmworks and the Director was Tim Godsall.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

Creative Director: Scott Vitrone/ Ian Reichenthal

Production Co: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Tim Godsall 

Reebok's 'Belly' 

A jogger is seen frantically outrunning a huge, anthropomorphic beer belly, which uses a number of cunning shortcuts like a lift and a motorbike to stay right behind him, while screaming metal music with the lyrics "belly’s gonna get ya" plays. Eventually the runner outwits the belly by pretending to jump off a roof but actually clinging to the gutter, while the belly overshoots and ends up in a river. The camera zooms in to the runner’s Reebok trainers, which say "Lose the belly’ on the sole. 

Agency: Lowe Lintas

Written by: Brian Turner

Art Director: Micky Tudor

Production Co: Partizan

Director: Traktor 

Dr Pepper's 'Emergency'

A teenage boy (young Jesse Eisenberg) is browsing a supermarket fridge looking for a drink. Coming across Dr Pepper he shrugs and says to himself "Dr pepper. What’s the worst that could happen?" Immediately, the closing fridge door shatters and shelves of boxes fall on him, pushing him to the ground. 911 are called, who conclude that the only way to get him out from under the boxes is to cut him out of his trousers, and then eventually his underwear. 

A crowd of onlookers, including a number of pretty teenage girls, have formed both inside and outside the supermarket, and the emergency workers lift the boy high above their heads as they fight through the crowds, shouting that it’s an emergency. One of the workers gets a phone call and it emerges that the whole scene is being televised and his embarrassment is on the local news. The jingle: "Dr Pepper; what’s the worst that could happen?" plays.

The Creative Directors were Robert Saville and Mark Waites at Mother London, and the copywriters were Yan Elliott and Luke Williamson. The production company was Hungry Man and the director was Brian Buckley.

Agency: Mother London

Creative: Yan Elliot/ Luke Williamson

Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Brian Buckley

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