Tourism Australia and Emirates Airline co-fund cookery travel series

  • Tourism Australia wanted to demonstrate to the food travel audience that there is no better time than now to visit Australia   
  • They created a 10 part series starring John Torode on Good Food Channel
  • Australia takes the lead over USA as a long haul destination choice


Tourism Australia, Emirates Airline and the Good Food Channel came together with a single and shared objective – to promote Australia as a preferred travel destination for people who enjoy quality food and wine. Working with their agencies, Drum and OMD UK, it was agreed that an advertiser funded series that promoted the attributes of the country would be the best way forward.

They came up with the perfect person to front the series in John Torode, who is an Australian celebrity chef. He moved to the UK in the 1990s so is well known to UK audiences but was brought up in Australia and has a passion and love for his native country. In addition, as a chef he would be well equipped to explore the culinary scene in Australia. 

The challenge was to create a series that demonstrated the benefits of visiting Australia but was compliant with Ofcom regulations. Every element needed to be editorially justified with no undue prominence and no overtly promotional language.

The objectives were as follows:

  • Inspire viewers to find out more and/or book a holiday to Australia
  • Encourage viewers to book their flights to Australia with Emirates Airline
  • Improve perceptions of the quality of Australian food and wine
  • Showcase the relationship between Australia’s people, produce and place

The Solution

A ten part series was created called John Torode’s Australia – a cookery series and travelogue. Over the 10 episodes, John revisited childhood haunts along with the people that inspired his passion for food and the places that shaped his early memories. He wanted to rediscover everything that is great about Australia, as well as demonstrating the origins and inspiration of some of the country’s best-loved dishes. His priorities were for top home grown produce including amazing coffee, world renowned wines, award-winning seafood and exceptional cuts of meat.

The series was co-funded by Tourism Australia and the Good Food Channel and Emirates Airline was product placed within the show. 

The series was broadcast on the Good Food Channel. It started on Monday 3rd March 2014 and ran for two weeks with a show every night. The main showing was at 8pm and each episode was repeated more than once. 

The series was supported by a branded microsite that offered information about the programme as well as recipes from the show and an Australian travel guide. 

In addition, there was a competition to win a holiday to Australia. 


  • Across the two weeks, the show had 430,000 viewers which is 67% higher than the normal slot average
  • 69% of long haul flyers said that the product placement made them want to fly with Emirates
  • 1 in 5 viewers said that they were likely to go to Australia
  • Australia takes the lead over USA as a long haul destination choice amongst viewers
  • Perceptions of Australian food and wine overtook perceptions of USA offerings amongst viewers 

Tourism Australia worked with Emirates and UKTV to successfully tell the story of Australia as an outstanding food and wine destination to potential holidaymakers. John Torode was excellent talent and his culinary adventure, which was serialised in ten one hour TV programmes on Good Food, brought the people, place and produce to life. The consumer research undertaken by SPA Future Thinking showed that the series increased people’s intention to holiday in Australia, fly with Emirates and improved perceptions of Australia’s food and wine credentials.

Emma Humphreys, PR Manager UK/Northern Europe, Tourism Australia


Sector: Travel and Transport

Brand: Tourism Australia

Campaign objectives: To promote Australia as a travel destination for lovers of food and wine  

Target Audience: Food lovers  

Budget: approx. £550,000 for total production and distribution (includes some production investment from UKTV)

Campaign Dates: The series ran from 3rd March 2014 for 2 weeks and then was repeated

TV Usage: Advertiser funded programme and product placement

Creative Agency: Drum

Media Agency: OMD UK 

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