‘Skippable advert’ on All4


How All 4’s innovative ad platforms helped to deliver a unique creative solution for Captain Obvious.

Key Points

  • wanted to deliver a humorous, contextually relevant ad that was specific for the digital environment.
  • All 4 provided the perfect environment in terms of tone and technological ability to deliver the ad.
  • The ad received the highest interaction ever for the All4 platform.

The Challenge

Hotel aggregator were looking for a new and innovative way to promote their site in a digital environment.

They wanted to use their comical number 1 fan Captain obvious in their communications and challenged their ad agency CP+B to come up with an idea that was specific to the digital environment, contextually relevant and in line with the humorous tone of voice.

They also needed an environment that fitted with their light-hearted approach whilst providing a platform capable of delivering the message

The Solution

CP+B decided to play with the idea with the skip button and creatively flip its meaning to a more literal one.  They filmed two versions of the ad, one normally and one where all characters in the ad were skipping both of which were perfectly synced

They looked for a partner to deliver this idea and All4 the was the perfect environment in terms of tone and their enhanced VOD opportunities enabled to execute their idea, this is one of the first times an advertiser has used the innate interactivity of VOD at the time the ad was filmed

Channel 4 also believe that as advertisers spend lots of money on creative it is a real shame that some platforms allow them to be skipped therefore this creative idea fit very neatly into the ethos around ad skipping.


The results of the campaign were ‘mind blowing’ the ad saw the highest ever levels of interaction on the All4 platform with over 50% engagement rate and more than half of those people clicking on the “unskip” button for even further interaction.

The benefit for us is that, in a digital world where an impression could end up not being seen by anyone, all of our impressions turned into completed views and more than half of those became active interactions and there’s nothing closer to recall and awareness than an interaction with an ad. To date, the ad has collected more than 4 million views and 2 million engagements.

Vincenzo Bruno Digital Brand Manager, EMEA


Sector: Travel & e-commerce


Campaign objectives: To deliver a humorous, contextually relevant ad that was specific for the digital environment.

Target Audience: ABC1, 1634

Budget: Undisclosed

Campaign Dates: Ongoing

TV Usage: 30” interactive VOD on All 4

Creative Agency: CP+B

Media Agency: Msix


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