It’s Got to be Galbani


Key Points

  • Galbani needed to raise awareness of the brand and drive memorability of its name
  • They opted for a partnership with Come Dine With Me with some highly entertaining idents
  • As a result, spontaneous awareness of Galbani rose by 122%

The Challenge

Galbani, Italy’s number one mozzarella, was losing out to own label cheese - partly because British people thought that there wasn’t much difference between one mozzarella and another and partly because the brand lacked memorability. Research revealed that Galbani existed as a badged product, rather than a brand.

The challenge for Galbani’s agencies – Initials (creative) and Zenith (media) - was to increase brand awareness and get mozzarella-loving shoppers to see Galbani as an essential part of any high-quality Italian dish. Specifically, the objectives were to:

  • Generate awareness of Galbani amongst home cooks
  • Drive memorability of the Galbani name
  • Increase consideration of Galbani versus its competitors

The challenge was made harder by having only a modest budget of around £240,000, so they would have to work hard to achieve these objectives.

The TV Solution

Zenith decided that a TV sponsorship would offer the most productive route. It had the capacity to generate mass awareness efficiently, would provide a good level of frequency and had the emotive power to change people’s opinions.

The vehicle chosen was ‘Come Dine With Me’.  Not only is the programme enjoyed by cooks throughout the country, but there was a natural synergy between the programme and the brand. The programme epitomised home-cooking, good taste and entertaining at home, which would prime viewers and drive memorability as well as positive associations for the brand.

An added benefit was that the Come Dine With Me audience correlated strongly with the core Galbani buyer, namely ABC1, predominantly female and mostly over 45.

The idea for the idents came from a scene from the programme where a hapless contestant mispronounces the word ‘magnificent’. Initials created a series of engaging parody idents that playfully poked fun at people’s poor retention of the Galbani brand name. The spoof of the show was completed with the voice-over mimicking the show’s off-screen narrator. These funny and entertaining idents appealed to the show’s core audience whilst putting the Galbani name front and centre.

The Plan

The sponsorship ran from the middle of May until the end of September on Channel 4.

The partnership was supported by a radio campaign.


  • Spontaneous awareness of Galbani rose by 122%
  • Spontaneous consideration rose by 100% and prompted consideration by 76%
  • Amongst viewers who recalled seeing the sponsorship, 39% said they had taken an action after seeing it and 29% went on to purchase
  • Base volume sales of Galbani hero SKU (Galbani Mozzarella 125g pack) spiked during the campaign period – up 8.1% versus previous six-week period and up 4.5% year on year
  • Overall, Galbani Mozzarella average base volume sales increased by 9.3% during the campaign period
  • Viewers associated the idents with the Galbani name, its Italian heritage, taste and quality
  • For the first time, Galbani ranked first in top of mind awareness among Italian cheese
  • Total campaign ROI was 3.9
  • The brand owners, Lactalis, were so happy with the results that they repeated the sponsorship in 2020

As Galbani is the leading of Italian cheese in sales but lacking awareness, Come Dine With Me is a natural, authentic partnership choice for us. The creative that Initials came up with directly aligns with the programme content itself, allowing for a seamless transition from the show to the idents and back again, whilst being entertaining and communicating our key brand message. We’re very happy with the results.

Heloise Le Norcy-Trott Group Category & Marketing Director at Lactalis UK & Ireland


Sector: FMCG

Brand: Galbani

Campaign objectives: To generate awareness, drive memorability of the Galbani name and increase consideration

Target Audience: ABC1 women aged 45+

Budget: Approx. £240,000

Campaign Dates: The partnership ran from mid May to the end of September 2019

TV Usage: Sponsorship idents

Creative Agency: Initials

Media Agency:  Zenith

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