Elizabeth Shaw hit the sweet spot on TV


Key Points

  • Elizabeth Shaw were launching a new range of luxury biscuits
  • They used TV for the first time with the help of ITV’s Business For All initiative
  • Sales increased 268% in the regions where they had TV advertising

The Challenge

Elizabeth Shaw has over 130 years of chocolate-making heritage. Its heritage is in mint and after dinner chocolates, although this particular variant is becoming increasingly less important to retailers as ‘the occasion’ chocolate becomes less relevant to younger consumers.

The brand needed to communicate its modern yet classic positioning and become the chocolate and biscuit brand for all – whether a self treat, sharing or gifting occasion - and capitalise on their trusted heritage. They were launching a new range of chocolate biscuits into the luxury biscuit category and wanted to increase rate of sale. The key aim was to drive awareness of the brand and encourage re-appraisal, particularly amongst their target audience of ABC1 women aged 45 and over.  

The TV Solution

Elizabeth Shaw working with their agency, Mediacom North, knew that they needed broad reach to drive awareness and so broadcast media was the obvious solution. They approached ITV with a view to benefitting from ITV’s initiative, Business For All, which supports new or returning TV brands. This initiative means ITV will match funding to ensure that the campaign is a big success and enabled Elizabeth Shaw to advertise on TV for the first time in recent history.  

They knew that TV could not only provide broad reach but by showing the biscuits in an enticing way on screen would generate the demand they needed and desire for the product.

The Plan

They opted for a regional test with a view to rolling out across the network. They selected Meridian and East Anglia as the test regions, as these regions represented over 20% of the brand’s early biscuit sales and so were deemed to be the most receptive to what the brand had to offer in this new category.

Specific programmes were selected that indexed particularly well for women 45+. Good access to top programmes ensured maximum visibility which is crucial when trying to raise awareness within a competitive sector.  


  • There was a significant uplift in prompted ad recall from 1% to 5%
  • After being shown the ad, a third of respondents said they had been encouraged to buy Elizabeth Shaw biscuits
  • 5%-point increase in consideration of Elizabeth Shaw biscuits over the course of the campaign
  • In Tesco stores in the TV regions, there was an increase in base sales of 268%. These Tesco stores now account for over 54% of the total sales (vs 21% pre TV advertising) and national base sales in Tesco have increased by 74%
  • National sales were up 40% on promotion during the campaign versus a similar price promotion without TV

We have been blown away by the results of this campaign which have reinforced our initial view that TV is absolutely the right medium for a small Brand like Elizabeth Shaw to drive awareness and increase sales amongst our core Gen X consumer base.

We hope to be able to use these results to encourage the retailers to support our activity by increasing distribution to ensure that we do not disappoint consumers through lack of availability. We also hope to be able to continue the good work we have started by increasing our presence in new regions over the coming 12 months.

Karen Crawford Managing Director, Elizabeth Shaw


Sector: FMCG

Brand: Elizabeth Shaw biscuits

Campaign objectives: To Launch a new range of luxury biscuits and drive rate of sale

Target Audience: ABC1 women 45+

Budget: approx. £140,000 (matched by ITV)

Campaign Dates: The campaign ran from 1st September to 14th October 2018

TV Usage: 30 second spots

Creative: Saintnicks and Hello Charlie

Media Agency:  Mediacom North


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