Drover: transforming the way we use cars


Key Points

  • Drover wanted to maintain their huge success at launch and re-educate people about car ownership
  • Created a test-and-learn TV approach that increased web traffic and subscriptions.
  • There were over 1,600 registrations to Drover as a result of the campaign.

The Challenge

Drover is an innovative car subscription service that launched in the UK back in 2018. Having seen huge success from their TV launch campaign – with an 89% uplift in web traffic - they wanted to maintain and build on the momentum with a fresh strategy that delivered direct response in both the short and long-term.

The TV Solution

It was obvious that TV would drive the level of scale Drover required and enable them to continue their launch success.  But importantly, as a new brand looking to change the way people think about car ownership in the UK, the challenge was to convince the target audience that Drover was a reputable name they could trust. TV was seen as the ideal way of targeting 25-45s in full-time employment - who tend to be the more affluent earlier adopters of technology.

However, with a smaller budget of £205k, analysis and optimisation was key to delivering an effective campaign over six months. It was essential that performance of TV channels, day parts and programming was leveraged so a test-and-learn strategy was created to ensure every ounce of value was extracted from the campaign.

The Plan

Reach and frequency were both crucial. This led Guerillascope to a channel mix that included larger channels such as C4, mid-level digital channels like Dave and More4, and a range of smaller niche stations.

By utilising cheaper high profile day-time shows such as Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and upweighting weekends (particularly Sunday mornings, when the target audience of 25-45 year-olds tune in in higher numbers) the budget was maximised.

Through working with online TV platform Adalyser, performance was constantly measured to ascertain which areas and regions of the of the campaign were working well and which needed adjusting. This kept performance high and costs low.


  • Not only did Drover maintain their launch success, they added an additional 4% to their original 89% increase in web visits.
  • There was a very clear correlation between TV activity and web traffic throughout the duration of the campaign.
  • The campaign reached over 28% of the UK population.
  • There were over 1,600 registrations to Drover as a result of the campaign.

As a new to TV brand, we were incredibly impressed by the effectiveness of our TV campaigns. Our CPAs often rivalled digital campaigns and custom inhouse tracking meant we could track users the entire way through the customer journey.
Guerillascope’s rapid test and learn approach had us buying a broad spread of channels and then making in-month changes to optimise for results.

Matt Seakins Chief Marketing Officer, Drover


Sector: Automotive

Brand: Drover

Campaign objectives: Launch campaign

Target Audience: 25-45s in full time work

Budget: £205,000

Campaign Dates: Jan-Jun 2019

TV Usage: Spot

Media Agency:  Guerillascope


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