Diet Chef

  • Diet Chef needed to grow their business and keep pace with their two main competitors 
  • They improved the effectiveness of their TV advertising with the help of an econometric analysis
  • Achieved a 22% decrease in CPA year on year


Although relatively new to the UK, Diet Chef is the UK’s third largest and fastest growing diet company. They set themselves the tough objective of a double digit increase in customers, year on year. To do this they needed to improve brand awareness and consideration. In addition, they needed to compete with their two main competitors, Weight Watchers and Slimming World, which made investing in marketing a necessity.    

Previous TV campaigns had worked well and they were tempted to increase their TV budget. However, in order to take the plunge, they felt they needed more clarity of insight and wanted to understand which channels, programme genres and dayparts would deliver the best response. If the TV budget was to be increased, it had to be even more efficient at driving response and more effective at converting those responses into customers.

The Solution

Dieting is a very emotive area and so the emotional power of TV was felt to offer the right environment for the campaign. Also, the ability of TV to demonstrate how the service works was essential to its success. 

Diet Chef worked with TVSquared in order to fine tune their TV campaign. By using an econometric analytics engine, TVSquared allows advertisers to attribute ecommerce, telephony responses and conversions from a TV campaign. Diet Chef then worked with their media buying agency All Response Media to ensure the lay down of airtime was the most effective it could be at driving sales.

By switching to this careful planning and buying of airtime, Diet Chef felt confident that every spot was working for them. As a result, they doubled their TV spend and were able to be on air 365 days a year.

The TV activity was combined with PPC campaigns, inserts and videos on YouTube


  • 31% increase in response 
  • 22% decrease in overall CPA (cost per acquisition) year on year 
  • Brand awareness doubled
  • Significantly greater and more consistent return


Sector: e-commerce

Brand: Diet Chef

Campaign objectives: To grow the business, generate new customers and decrease CPA

Target Audience:  Adults

Budget: approx. £4.5m TV spend

Campaign Dates: The campaign ran throughout the year with continuous testing of channel, daypart, genre, day of week and copy

TV Usage: 30” sand 60” spots

Creative Agency: In-house

Media Agency:  All Response Media


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