Walkers: Going from good to great

Story of the film:

While the years preceding 2008 had provided strong return on marketing investment for Walkers, produced from well loved, famous advertising, Walkers were dissatisfied with just being good; they wanted to be great. A model for communications was developed that sought to achieve high levels of consumer engagement, that would spark greater buzz and excitement around the brand and that in turn would lead to improved marketing return on investment. Through the six campaigns that followed this model’s development, the return on investment for Walkers communication increased by 62% in four years.

This film, based on the 2012 gold winning effectiveness paper, demonstrates how Walkers achieved remarkable revitalisation through fantastic creative engagement and took the brand to a whole new plane. The campaign used brave and innovative channel choices that can provide new learning around social media measurement.

Appearing on film

  • Bridget Angear, Joint Chief Strategic Officer, AMV BBDO 
  • Tom White, Board Account Planner, AMV BBDO
  • Paul Melody, Creative Director, Freud Communications
  • Kate Osborne, Communications Planning Director, OMD UK        
  • Sebastian Micozzi, Walkers Marketing Director

Further contributions from:

  • Nick Southgate, IPA Behavioural Economics Consultant
  • Liz Donaldson, Founder, Liz Donaldson Associates
  • Marie Oldham, Former CSO, MPG Media Contacts; Convenor of Judges 2012 now Chief Strategy Officer at VCCP Media

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