Waitrose: Quality Food, Honestly Priced

Story of the film

This film tells us how Waitrose evolved its quality-driven communications strategy to include an ethical dimension and set out Waitrose's product quality stories within a bigger, ethical picture.


This paper reveals how Waitrose evolved its quality-driven communications strategy, to include an ethical dimension.

Using television, press, radio, advertiser-funded programming and in-store advertising, amongst others, the campaign set out Waitrose’s product quality stories within a bigger, ethical picture.

For example, one of their ads promoted Waitrose’s citrus fruit by highlighting their support for the South African farmers who grow them.

This evolutionary communications approach has generated £99.2m incremental profits over five years and an ROI of £5.57 per £1 spent, proving that an ethical approach can be financially rewarding too.

Film contributors

Titles correct at the time of publish date

  • Andy Nairn, Planning Director, MCBD
  • Ken Hoggins, Creative Director, MCBD
  • Peter Carter, Chairman, Consumer Insight


Award: 2007 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Gold Award

Client: Waitrose

Entrant: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

Authors: Mary Tucker and Andy Nairn

Media used: TV, Radio, Press

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