Trident ‘Stop the Guns’

Story of the film

This film tells us about how MCBD, MediaCom and Metropolitan Police Service's Trident picked up the Grand Prix at the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2007. Using creative media as a central part of the strategy and working to a modest budget, they built an innovative campaign.


This shows how the Metropolitan Police Service used creative communications to tackle London’s gun-crime problem. Research showed that black teenagers aged 12-16 were susceptible to gun crime’s glamorous imagery, so a strategy was developed to demonstrate a different reality. Using the rallying cry ‘Stop the guns’, communications dramatised the effects of gun crime and encouraged people to come forward with information. Creative media was central to the strategy, incorporating everything from bullet-hole-ridden music magazines to petrol pumps. As a result, calls with intelligence on gun crime have trebled, arrests of offenders has increased, and Trident officers seized 908 guns in 2007, which was more than the previous four years combined.

Judge’s comment


The Trident campaign used impressive groundbreaking research and demonstrated new learning and great use of media on a relatively small budget.

David Pemsel, group marketing director, ITV

Appearing on film:

Titles are correct at the time of publish date

  • Minaxi Patel, Acting Head of Publicity, Metropolitan Police Service
  • Claudia Webb, Co-Chair, Trident Independent Advisory Group
  • Andy Nairn, Planning Director, MCBD
  • Matthew Buttrick, Global Strategic Director, MediaCom


Award: 2008 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Bronze Award

Title: Trident - Stop the Guns

Client: Metropolitan Police Service

Entrants: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, MediaCom

Authors: Andy Nairn, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy; Matt Buttrick, Duncan Snowden, MediaCom

Media used: TV, regional newspapers, magazines, radio, out of home, cinema, internet, PR, word of mouth, ambient

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