Should’ve gone to Specsavers

Story of the film

Should’ve gone to Specsavers is a line that has become a part of our culture but how did this strapline evolve, become an integral part of Specsavers long-term TV campaign as well as break taboos by using brilliant creative to build on fame and emotion. This film tells us all of this, as well as taking us through their journey on TV, how they set out to dominate share of voice which in turn, resulted in a healthy ROI for the business. 


Specsavers’ success is testament to the power of advertising to grow a business. Having invested nearly £500m in advertising over 30 years, Specsavers commands a dominant share of voice and consistent revenue growth. Specsavers’ strategy of continuous presence at relatively high spend levels, a broad appeal, commitment to humour as an advertising tool and distinctive, familiar brand assets that build memory structure have all contributed to £1.1bn of incremental profit over 30 years.

Judges Comments 


The judges applauded the consistency of the brand over 25 years and their resolve in maintaining such a strong share of voice. Their courage has been rewarded with clear results – staying on top of the market year on year. A great long-term case study.

Nicholas Hall, Global Head of Marketing,

Appearing on film:

  • Matthew Philip, Strategy Director, Manning Gottlieb OMD
  • Tim Orton, Director of Marketing Planning, Specsavers
  • Graham Daldry, Creative Director, Specsavers 

With contributions from:

  • Tony Regan, Co-Founder, Brand Performance
  • Lorna Hawtin, Disruption Director, TBWA/Manchester and Convenor of the 2014 Judges


This film is based on gold award winning IPA paper. Here the details.

Title: Should’ve gone to Specsavers: a far-sighted view of advertising’s role in building a business over 30 

Client: Specsavers Optical Group

Entrant: Manning Gottlieb OMD

Principal Author: Matthew Philip

Credited companies: Creative Agency: Specsavers Optical Group; Media Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD; PR Agency: Beattie Communications; Client: Specsavers Optical Group


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