The FTSE's bright, the FTSE's Orange

Story of the film

This film, a 1998 award winner, is part a series celebrating some of the top case studies from 30 years of the IPA Effectiveness Awards; brilliant campaigns that still have much to teach us about planning effective communications today. 

We hear about the transforming story of fledgling 'Hutchison Microtel' into the multinational success story of what Orange became, creating a whole new style of advertising along the way. This film tells us all about how the power of emotional advertising, great brand building or the direct effect advertising can have on shareholder value. 


Robin Wight, President of Engine and WCRS tells the story when WCRS helped to transform the fortunes of the fledgling 'Hutchison Microtel' into the multinational success story that is Orange has now know to become, creating a whole new style of advertising along the way. In 2004 WCRS took home a Gold from the IPA Effectiveness Awards, with a case history that still resonates today about the direct effect that advertising can have on shareholder value.

Laurence Green, Former Chairman of Fallon, now Founder of 101, brings the story up-to-date, looking at how the brand has evolved and its future, in what is now a vastly different telecommunications landscape. Discussing initiatives such as Orange Wednesday and Rockcorp; moving from 'The Futures Bright the Futures Orange' to 'Together we can do more'; and diversifying the brand into new areas.

Appearing on film:

Titles were correct at the time of publish date

  • Robin Wight, President of Engine and WCRS 
  • Laurence Green, Chairman of Fallon

Additional effectiveness insights from:

  • Andy Nairn, Executive Planning Director MCBD (Convenor of Judges, 2009 IPA Effectiveness Awards) 
  • David Golding, Founding Partner, Adam & Eve (Convener of judges, 2010 IPA Effectiveness awards) 


Awards: 1998 IPA Effectivness Awards, Gold Award and Best New Learning (The Charles Channon Award)

Client: Orange

Agency: WCRS

Authors: Dan Izbicki & Cameron Saunders

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