O2: A world that revolves around you

Story of the film

O2 had a high churn of customers leaving its service and they needed to make a change, fast. They worked with VCCP to put the customers at heart of everything they did. Using the established identity of blue and bubbles, they focussed their campaign around TV first and followed through with a treat to customers with an SMS campaign, resulting in great success.  


In 2005 O2 changed the conventions of the UK mobile network market. A new campaign, 'O2: A World That Revolves Around You', talked to O2 customers through broadcast and personal media.

It announced a radical shift in rewards, now for loyalty not for defection, with a new emphasis on customer service. The campaign reversed a rising trend in disconnections and attracted new customers.

By the end of 2005, O2 overtook Orange to have the largest UK user base. O2's brand affinity also improved on a range of measures, including bonding, consideration and recommendation.

Econometric modelling suggests a medium-term payback on investment of up to 80:1. Now part of Telefonica, O2 has achieved UK Brand Leadership.

Film contributors

Titles correct at the time of publish date

  • Louise Cook, Econometrician, Holmes & Cook
  • Michael Sugden, Account Director, VCCP
  • Susie Moore, Head of Brand & Marketing Communications, O2
  • Rooney Carruthers, Creative Director, VCCP


Awards: 2006 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Gold Award

Campaign Title: O2: A world that revolves around you

Client: O2

Entrants: Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest/Zenith Optimedia/Archibald Ingall Stretton/Lambie-Nairn

Authors: Sophie Maunder, Louise Cook, Nadine Young, Bob Udale, Nick Hough and Andrew Cox

Contributing authors: Sophie Maunder, Louise Cook, Nadine Young, Bob Udale, Nick Hough and Andrew Cox

Media used: TV, print, outdoor, interactive, DM, ambient, press

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