Morrisons ‘Fresh growth’

Story of the film

This film showcases how Morrison’s relaunched their brand, in every aspect of their communications, to tell a story to their consumers. Using TV as a lead media in their campaign as well as celebrity endorsement, Mediaedge:cia and DLKW, managed to meet give Morrison’s a sense of stature and mass scale to generate an impressive payback.


After acquiring Safeway in 2004, Morrisons experienced a seemingly inexorable three year decline in its market share. This case study on film from the 2008 IPA Effectiveness Awards shows how advertising greatly improved perceptions of Morrisons food quality, which was the biggest issue holding the brand back. To resume growth, the strategy focused on the story hidden at the heart of Morrisons' 'Market Street' offer; more food is made and prepared fresh in-store every day than any other supermarket. The 'Fresh choice for you ' campaign used TV and print media to promote this difference. It reversed Morrison's three year market share decline and transformed it into Britain's fastest growing supermarket, generating an estimated payback of £13 per every £1 spent.

Judge’s comment

Morrisons fresh growth

Coming from a business that didn’t believe in marketing, it’s astonishing that marketing communications led to a turnaround of its fortunes. By focusing on how they could be different, Morrisons changed people’s perceptions of the brand and, in doing so, also improved business performance.

Roisin Donnelly, corporate marketing director, Procter & Gamble

Film contributors

Titles are correct at the time of publish date

  • Michael Bates, Marketing Director, Morrisons
  • Sarah Hayworth, Client Services Director Mediaedge:cia
  • Sandya Payasena, Board Account Planner, DLKW


Title: Fresh growth for Morrisons

Client: Wm Morrison Supermarkets

Entrant: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Authors: Sandya Piyasena, Alex Kuropatwa, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Contributing authors: Michael Bates, Richard Burgess, Wm Morrison Supermarkets

Media used: TV, national newspapers, magazines

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