Mercedes Benz

Story of the film

This film tells us how Mercedes revitalised their brand to appeal to a younger audience using TV as a key part of their strategy aligned with social. They tapped into existing dual-screen behaviour to offer a range of social integration opportunities, encouraging a younger audience to interact with content in real time. Resulting in a truly effective campaign. 

Campaign summary 

For decades, Mercedes-Benz’s image was regarded as staid, sedate and conservative in the prestige sector, the choice of the older driver. However, with the introduction of personal contract purchasing in 2010 the entry cost for buying a car was significantly reduced. Mercedes therefore needed a brand refit and to do this AMV BBDO used communications to provide mass, interactive experiences which restyled Mercedes as dynamic, edgy and stimulating. As a result, over three-and-half years Mercedes has gone on to become the fastest-growing car brand in the prestige sector, registering a 45% increase in annual sales, a campaign ROMI of 1.11 and a new brand model fit to make considerable further gains.

Judges Comment


Mercedes was a clear Gold winner because it so easily struck a chord with the younger audience through channel usage and creative messaging, whilst not alienating its older more profitable original audience.

Abigail Comber , Head of Marketing, British Airways

Film contributors 

Mercedes Contributors

  • David Edwards, Strategy Director, AMV BBDO 
  • David George, Marketing Director, Mercedes -Benz Cars 

IPA Commentators

  • Tony Regan, Co-Founder, Brand Performance
  • Lorna Hawtin, Disruption Director, TBWA/Manchester and Convenor of the 2014 Judges


This film is based on gold award winning IPA paper. Here the details.

Campaign:  How a change in body language transformed the fortunes of Mercedes-Benz 

Brand/ Client: Mercedes-Benz

Entrants:  AMV  BBDO

Principal Author: David Edwards and Ollie Gilmore

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