The Launch of Marmite Squeezy

Story of the film

This film tells  us how this campaign successfully evolved an icon to encourage more frequent Marmite usage and secure the brand's continued support and in turn, generated an impressive growth. To change brand perception they used TV be the vehicle to do so and gain an emotional connection with Marmite lovers, which in turn drove the effectiveness throughout other channels. Resulting in people buying more of this ‘love it or hate it’ product.


Marmite was faced with a dilemma: it needed to change its usage to encourage growth without losing its existing customers. In March 2007, Unilever launched 'Marmite Squeezy' to target the consumer sandwich market. This paper outlines how, through involving Marmite fans in the change in product format, along with an integrated marketing campaign, customers were encouraged to use the brand more frequently and particularly in sandwiches. The success of this campaign generated a short-term payback of £1.30 per £1 spent, with long-term payback expected to be £2.30 per £1 spent.

Judge's comment


The Marmite case study demonstrates product innovation which solved all the previous problems of using the jar. A well-written case and the judges liked the idea of letting the audience own the brand and discuss it.

Hilary Cross , director of external affairs, Macmillan Cancer Support

Film contributors

  • Lucy Jameson, Executive Strategy Director, DDB UK
  • Noam Buchalter, Marketing Manager, Marmite, Bovil, Pot Noodle, Peperami
  • Les Binet, European Director, DDB Matrix


Awards: 2008 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Bronze Award

Client: Unilever

Entrant: DDB London

Authors: Kirsty Saddler, Sarah Carter, DDB London; Les Binet, DDB Matrix; Alex Vass, DDB London

Media used: TV, radio, cinema, internet, sales promotion, PR

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