The Magners Effect

Story of the film

Magners chose to hero the heritage behind the brand to entice consumers. To do this quickly and on a mass scale, they chose TV as the lead medium to welcome the brand to the world. This allowed the brand to set the tone, tell a story and get people involved. Magners and MPG also continued the brand journey through posters and radio advertising.


This paper demonstrates how the successful Magners campaign was founded on the combination of a solid product and proposition, which identified an opportunity in the market for ‘premium’ cider, and an integrated sales and marketing programme.

Using a high-impact and engaging communications strategy the advertising was used aggressively on a regional ‘colonise and conquer’ basis to generate mass consumer demand.

In the three years since it launched, Magners has become the No. 1 selling packaged, long, alcoholic drink in the UK on-trade and has rejuvenated the cider category. The advertising delivered an ROI of up to £26.93 and the Cantrell & Cochrane share price rose from €2 to €12, by the end of 2006.

Film contributors

Titles correct at the time of publish date

  • Marc Mendoza, Managing Partner, MPG UK
  • Simon Jenkins, Strategy Director, MPG UK
  • Scott Fairburn, Marketing Manager, Magners GB
  • Ben Dudley, Effectiveness Manager, MPG UK


Award: 2007 IPA Effectiveness Awards, Best New Client, Best Idea and Silver Award

Campaign Title: Magners: The Magners Effect

Client: C&C

Entrant: Media Planning Group

Authors: Martyn Stokes, Simon Jenkins and Mark Nolan

Media used: TV, print, outdoor

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